Zignum isn’t a brand we created. It’s a brand we fixed. They came to us with a simple challenge… keep the name, keep the bottle, but make it better. So we did! Here’s the story…

From the rugged mountains and vibrant cities nestled in their valley, to ancient temples and modern seaside escapes, Oaxaca is a place with a rich history and culture to discover. Oaxaca is home to Zignum.

Zignum– meaning tip of the spear– is introducing mezcal to the world. Zignum is distilled using a Metodo Verde Process steaming green, raw agave piñas for clean, refined agave flavor and comes in three variants: Joven, Reposado, and Añejo. In fact, Zignum Reposado and Zignum Añejo are aged in French and American oak barrels for refined flavor, depth, and complexity in the largest mezcal barrel house of its kind. It’s perfect for sipping neat or in classic cocktails.