Tullamore D.E.W.

How do you (re)introduce a brand that’s over two centuries old? You stick to your roots.


Tullamore D.E.W. needed a way to reach a new generation of consumers. We took a look at the brand’s almost two century long history in the small town of Tullamore for inspiration, and found authenticity, honesty, and–of course– good natured humor. In a world full of celebrity endorsements and viral TikTok dances, Tullamore is a reliably great Irish whiskey. We drove that point home with a new brand platform, featuring ads in key markets calling out the craziness of modern life and contrasting it with what truly matters: dedication to one’s craft, moments spent with friends, staying true to oneself. Influencers? Whoever picks up the tab. Traffic? We don’t have that in Tullamore, unless it’s at the pub. This proved successful across al test markets, setting the stage for a 2022 St. Patrick’s Day campaign based on the same platform, building recognition of the brand and its identity.