QC Shrub

We teamed up with global spirits giant Diageo to solve the conundrum of why sessionable, low calorie PABs (progressive adult beverages) tend to taste bad: too sweet and too artificial. Most use fermented dextrose and other fake sugars, with chemical flavorings. We looked to the past, and found a simple solution in a classic Colonial American recipe, the shrub.

Traditionally, a shrub was used as a way to preserve fruit by combining it with sugar and vinegar. QC Shrub uses a splash of apple cider vinegar to enhance natural fruit flavors, which gives the drink tart, tangy notes and a dry finish, and eliminates the need for extra sugar or booze to make it palatable. That means QC Shrubs come in at only 90 calories and 4.0% ABV, perfect for mindful adults looking for something sessionable.