The Pathfinder

Challenged by Guy Escolme and Chris Abbott (pioneers in the spirits branding and cannabis industries respectively) in 2021 to create a brand unlike any other in the space, The Pathfinder is our first entry into the emerging world of non-alcoholic cannabis ‘spirits.’

We began with a deep dive into history, eventually settling into the American West circa 1840– “The Golden Age of Cannabis.” This set the stage not only for the branding, but for a unique liquid profile. Fermented and distilled hemp make up the base, while a blend of botanicals including wormwood, angelica root, and Douglas fir combine with natural terpenes for a uniquely western flavor on the nose and palate.

The result, The Pathfinder Hemp & Root, is essentially an American Amaro that just happens to be non-alcoholic. Recently named to the New York Times’ Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks list, it is proving not only to be a ‘destroyer of bad vibes,’ but a genuinely ingenious spirits. A second variant containing THC, The Pathfinder Cannabis Spirit, will be released in late 2022.