Tamworth Distilling

In this small town at the foot of the White Mountains, we built Tamworth Distilling and Mercantile in 2015, a small-batch, farm-to-bottle distillery and test kitchen. Tamworth’s location is central to this mission: farm to bottle, bottle, to farm, and farm to table. Its water comes from the Ossipee Aquifer, grain and other produce is sourced from farms within a 150 mile radius, and a variety of botanicals are foraged in the local forests or grown in the distillery’s own gardens. Like the New England Transcendentalists before us, we’re setting out into nature to build community, inspiration, and experimentation.

Our goal is to literally go where no distillery has gone before, exploring the outer limits of what’s possible in spirits. With the House of Tamworth line, we’ve done just that: Eau de Musc (a whiskey flavored with locally sourced castoreum, found in the scent gland of beavers) brought Tamworth international acclaim, and was followed up by experiments with graveside maple trees (Graverobber), smelly fruits (Corpse Flower), and other wildlife (The Deerslayer and Bird of Courage). Of course, we also make incredible bourbon, rye, gin, brandy, and many other spirits.

It’s built us a national following, and helped us stand out amongst the 2000+ other craft distilleries in America. From running a tasting room to, to navigating a state liquor store system, to blending and bottling, Tamworth gives us first hand experience in every aspect of the distilling process, so we understand where our clients are coming from. Sometimes, we even know more than they do.