Art in the Age

Art in the Age began in 2008 as an artist collective/retail experiment, taking its name from a Walter Benjamin essay on the impact of industrialization on the nature of art. It spawned the historically-inspired craft spirits, ROOT, SNAP, RHUBARB, and SAGE, and hosted everything from local bands to terrarium workshops.

It was reborn in 2018 as our experiential retail laboratory and workshop– a place to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the spirits industry. A combination bottle shop, tasting room, cocktail bar, home bar supply, and event space, Art in the Age hosts cocktail workshops, book launches, and pop-ups, alongside regular bar service both inside and on our cocktail garden patio.

The bar and bottle sales turn a profit, essentially funding our research and innovation in the spirits industry, including projects like our book The Cocktail Workshop (which in turn helps us cement our status as experts in the field– the gears are always turning!).