Fistful of Bourbon

Renowned maker of Scotch, William Grant & Sons came to us in 2017 to create of all things– an American bourbon brand! Knowing Grants was sourcing a blend of five whiskies, we came up with the name Fistful of Bourbon and described it as a “blend of five bourbons created with over 100 years of whisky blending experience.”

Although the bourbon sector was dynamic in terms of new products, it was predictable and boring in terms of personality. It needed a dose of creativity from the world of craft beer and the irreverence that Quentin Tarantino’s movies exude, so we developed a brand world that simultaneously subverts and celebrates the bourbon category the same way directors like Sergio Leone, Mel Brooks, and Quentin Tarantino have playfully subverted the western game. In essence, we were doing the same thing to the bourbon category that Sergio Leone did with cowboy movies in the 1970’s–taking the same tropes but serving them up from a whole different perspective.

Hence, Fistful of Bourbon. As we like to say, “It ain’t just a bourbon, it’s a damn fistful.” After a smash success of a test launch in 2018, we knew we wanted to expand. We wanted to launch nationwide like a movie, so we created a few trailer spots with SNL Director Paul Briganti before launching nationally in 2022. Check them out here.