If you grew up in the Midwest, chances are, you have some memory of HAMM’S BEER: Maybe your pop-pop drank it in his basement bar, or maybe you recall their cartoon bear from TV ads from the ‘50s all the way through the ‘80s. But the fact is, Hamm’s is one of the great American beer brands of all time, having been established by Theodore Hamm in St. Paul, Minnesota, all the way back in 1865. The history of Hamm’s is the history of beer in America.

And QCM couldn’t be more honored (or more delighted) to be brought on to restore this icon to its natural status and introduce this great, quality beer to a whole new generation of fans. As Hamm’s begins to broaden its distribution and bring its own brand of offbeat charm to social media, our POV is that it’s all about the fans. For years now, Hamm’s super-fans and collectors have been evangelizing about the wonderful world of “The Beer… Refreshing!”; a key part of our strategy is to celebrate them in return. Along the way, we’ve given their already great brand world a bright but subtle refresh, engineered new experiential platforms for them, and of course, hatched a whole new generation of the point-of-sale and signage that made (and keeps them) famous.