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Best Amaros to Sip Neat or Mix in Classic Cocktails

Amaro Montenegro
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1. Amaro Montenegro

Complex and mysterious, amaro is steeped in history and many brands have closely guarded, storied recipes. One of the most famous is Amaro Montenegro, which has been made with the same secret blend of 40 herbs since 1885 when it was first dreamed up in Bologna, Italy. Some amari can be biting and astringent, but Montenegro has a subtle bitterness. “While it’s a favorite of dyed-in-the-wool amaro fans, it’s also gentle enough to coax those who might be hesitant in the realm of bitters,” says Tad Carducci, bartender and director of outreach and engagement for Gruppo Montenegro. For a drinkable dessert, try the “M&M.” It pairs equal parts Amaro Montenegro with mezcal, Carducci recommends, or Montenegro and tonic with an orange slice as a simple alternative to a gin & tonic.

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