Gin Raiders Features Hendrick’s Gin April Fool’s Prank

The ‘Fiendish Minds’ at Hendrick’s Gin Created a Powdered Martini For April Fools, and We’re Not Mad About It

April Fools'

Hendrick’s Gin played a clever April Fools’ Day prank we sort of wish was real. (Photo: Hendrick’s Gin)

Hendrick’s Gin shared in a news release an April Fools’ Day prank that we’re actually… kind of okay with? The gin brand announced the release of the “driest ever” Martini: a powdered, just-add-water Martini.

Hendrick’s claimed that “in the realm of dry martinis, the quest for perfection knows no bounds.” In response to that, the Scottish gin brand decided that they would invent a martini so dry in fact… it was…well… powdered.

The brand joked that the powdered martini was made with Hendrick’s gin, English cucumbers and “a whisper of vermouth.” All one has to do is add a little bit of water to “watch the magic unfold” and get the cocktail back into liquid form, making the clever joke release a distinctive twist on the ready-to-drink category.

We have to say as far as pranks go, this one actually seems like something we’d get behind outside of April Fools’ and when the gin brand shared this prank on Instagram, users agreed.

“Ok I know this is a joke, but it would be amazing to pack in carry on only trips, or keep a stash in your purse for emergency drinks, and especially useful in kits for zombie apocalypse preparedness,” an individual commented.

In 2023, the “fiendish minds” at Hendrick’s unveiled the brand would be making cucumber milk, which it claimed was the “next best alternative” to the usual suspects of non-dairy milk.

Though we can’t imagine substituting cucumber milk with almond milk in our morning chai latte, Hendrick’s later came clean and shared that it was in fact an April Fools’ Day prank.


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