Zoomer Features Lo-Fi in Aperitivo Revival

La Dolce Vita! Drink Up & Embrace the Aperitivo Revival

The term aperitivo comes from the Latin aperire (‘to open’) and this summer it will open up both your palate and your social life. It’s a traditional time-out after work that’s high on refreshment and low in alcohol, and many cultures enjoy it via variations on amaro, vermouth, aromatized wines, amber and golden elixirs, even a spritz – all flavourful wine and spirit bases diluted with fizzy water.

The category’s recent rise in popularity is part of the low-ABV trend and session cocktail movement (most are 17-24%), but because the casual drink fix is also short on preparation it’s the ideal way for those short on time to enjoy the company of friends on short notice. Also short of cash? A bottle of good aperitivo rings in around $25 and goes several times the distance as wine, making it a smart way to entertain generously while on a budget.


Newcomer Lo-Fi also has several vermouth and amaro offerings. Try a Lo-Fi Cup: 2oz Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro, two ice cubes, top up with ginger ale or ginger beer and garnish with a lime glass. Or Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth and sparkling lemonade.  http://www.lofiaperitifs.com/about


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