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If, like us, you have a lot of drinks enthusiasts in your life, you know that finding them the perfect gift can be a bit of a challenge. And while a nice bottle of their favorite spirit or Champagne is always a safe bet, you might be looking for something a little less ephemeral and a little more thoughtful to give this year.

Before you reach for another pair of whiskey stones, though, take a minute to consider who your gift is for. Whether it’s a seasoned home bartender, budding beer geek, or wine pro in training, there are plenty of gifts out there that will actually build on their interests and be just as functional as they are charming.

From the coolest ice press to the newest recipe books and more, read on for 22 gifts any drinks lover would be stoked to get.


By December 15, 2021


Things for the Bar

Yukiwa Cobbler Shaker


Leave the Boston Shaker for the pros and give a three-piece cobbler shaker instead — it’s a little less messy and simpler to use, especially for beginners. This one comes recommended by William Elliot, managing partner at New York’s Maison Premiere.


Tulip Glasses


With their unique, aroma-enhancing shape, tulip glasses are a great pick for any craft beer lover who enjoys exploring different brew styles and flavors.


Wine Pour Spout Cards


For anyone who pours wine at home — at dinner parties, on Tuesday nights, or otherwise — these flexible, foil-covered discs keep things tidy and can be used again and again.


Meltdown Ice Press


More than just an excellent party trick, this mesmerizing aluminum ice press makes perfect, compact, cocktail-ready ice spheres in under a minute.


Le Creuset Wine Opener


A sturdy corkscrew is indispensable, and this one from beloved kitchen brand Le Creuset opens bottles with ease and is handsome to boot.


Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glasses


For any aspiring spirits enthusiast, Glencairns are a must for nosing and tasting Scotch, tequila, and more.


Spiegelau Authentis Decanter


Designed for top restaurants, this crystal decanter would be just as welcome on any home bar, waiting to take on its next bottle of Barolo or Rioja.


Reading Material


“Mezcal and Tequila Cocktails: Mixed Drinks for the Golden Age of Agave” by Robert Simonson


The latest recipe book from writer Robert Simonson explores the wide world of agave spirits and their many wonderful cocktails.


“The Way of the Cocktail: Japanese Traditions, Techniques, and Recipes” by Julia Momosé with Emma Janzen


A deep exploration of Japanese cocktails and culture, this recipe and guide book from celebrated bartender and creative director Julia Momosé would be a beautiful addition to any collection.


Wildsam “Kentucky Bourbon Country”


With interviews, essays, road trip itineraries, and historical musings, the newest release from Wildsam is so much more than just the ultimate field guide to Kentucky bourbon.


“Death & Co Welcome Home” by Alex Day, Nick Fauchauld, David Kaplan


With over 600 recipes, tips, and techniques, this guide to mixology from the team behind lauded cocktail bar Death & Co is the ultimate resource for any bartender — amateur, professional, or otherwise.


“The Cocktail Workshop: An Essential Guide to Classic Drinks and How to Make Them Your Own” by Steven Grasse and Adam Erace


Learning the basics and building on them is the premise of this cocktail recipe book from spirits mastermind Steven Grasse and writer Adam Erace.


Fingers Substack


If you’re not familiar with award-winning journalist and VinePair writer-at-large Dave Infante’s substack, Fingers, do get yourself acquainted. And then, gift a subscription of the newsletter to any plugged-in enthusiast who cares about drinking culture and the forces at play behind it.


Special Ingredients


Orgeat from Orgeat Works


Bartender and tropical drinks enthusiast Brian Miller swears by Orgeat Works’ namesake almond syrup for his Mai Tai, and every home mixologist would, too.


Classic Bitters Variety Pack


With the ultimate trio of bitters — Angostura, Peychaud’s, and Regan’s Orange — on the bar, there are few classic cocktails one couldn’t mix up.


Luxardo Maraschino Cherries


For Manhattans, Whiskey Sours, and more, you can’t beat a jar of sweet and syrupy deluxe Luxardo cherries.




TALEA Beer Co. Baseball Cap


Maison Noir Wines Grunerade T-Shirt


Beer Is For Everyone T-Shirt


Parcelle Wine Canvas Tote


Wilderness Trail Distillery T-Shirt


Other Half Brewing Beanie


Tip Top Proper Cocktails Tote