Miller High Life

MillerCoors brought us on-board as lead creative for Miller High Life. Our job was to look at every aspect of the brand, from pack design to communications and programming.

As history buffs and beer lovers, we felt privileged to work on a true classic — an exemplar of the kind of refreshing light lagers Americans were seeking at the turn of the century. We saw a deeply loved beer with fans across America, from old-school macro beer drinkers to craft aficionados with a soft spot for its easy-drinking flavor and clear bottle. Yet recent campaigns had vacillated between ironic portrayals that turned the brand into a punchline and those that positioned it as a hipster accoutrement.

We felt the brand deserved to be treated with pride and respect. The way we saw it, High Life was one of a rare breed of definitive brands akin to Tabasco, Chevy and Levi’s. A true classic. After reworking the strategic foundations of the brand, we re-designed all the packaging, treating High Life with the meticulous attention-to-detail usually reserved for premium brands (in fact, our biggest creative reference for Miller High Life was the confidence and simplicity of Tiffany’s.)

Next, we went on surprisingly difficult search for one of the brand’s great gifts to popular culture — the “if you’ve got the time” jingle. Original recordings were scarce, but we finally found an intact version of the song (written by advertising legend, Bill Backer), which we brought back, starting with a series of elegantly simple TV commercials showcasing the new bottle design. We also created murals and billboards and began a redesign of the brand’s wearables and loyalty program. We also took over stewardship of the brand’s social media channels, combining photos from actual High Life fans with images and stories from the brand’s archives.  We are also in the process of developing a new suite of programming and content. We’re proud to champion a beer that has kept its promise since it began in 1903.