We were hired by Diageo to help them create an innovations platform for the legendary Guinness brand.

We visited the brewery, spent time in the archives and helped create The Brewers Project, St. James’ Gate, a comprehensive storytelling platform. This led to the creation of Dublin Porter and West Indies Porter, reinterpretations of historic recipes from the 200+ year-old brewers diaries of St. James’ Gate.

To help set up this story, we created the “In Pursuit of More” web platform and Gates TV commercials. Then we worked with Guinness to develop Hop House 13 Lager and Guinness Golden Ale.

We convinced them to open the doors of their century-old in-house experimental brewery with the Open Gate Brewery, a bar where visitors can try unique beers that may never be replicated again.

For the first time in six years, Guinness sales are up in Ireland. We’re now expanding The Brewers Project into the US market and working on a range of new beers to be launched stateside all while working on creating a global design architecture for new Guinness beers going forward.