Fistful of Bourbon

Working with William Grant & Sons to create an American whiskey brand, we started with the question, what could a Scottish whisky distiller possibly bring to American bourbon? Our answer was their skill as a blender. Grants had been blending acclaimed Scotch whiskies for generations — now they were simply applying their experience to an American whiskey.

Next, we took this idea of blending and thought about how to bring it to life in the uber-competitive bourbon category. Although the sector was highly dynamic in terms of new products, it was predictable and boring in terms of personality. What we felt it needed was a dose of the energy and irreverence that we see in the world of craft beer.

So we developed a brand that subverts the frontier semiotics of the bourbon category with the spirited, self-aware creativity of a craft beer brand.  The idea was to take our craft seriously, but our brand irreverently. In essence, we were doing the same thing to the bourbon category that Sergio Leone did with cowboy movies in the 1970’s — taking the same tropes but serving them up from a whole different perspective. Hence, Fistful of Bourbon. As we like to say, “it’s ain’t just a bourbon, it’s a damn fistful.”

Another key to was finding a way to crystalize what made the product special — namely, the prospect of an award-winning, renown maker of Scotch turning their talents and attention to American whiskey. This in mind, we distilled the product proposition into a simple pitch, presenting Fistful as “a blend of five bourbons created with over 100 years of whisky blending experience.“