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Steven Grasse uses ICBR to promote Evil Empire


Remember my post about the Horrid British Empire? Well it seems that some people are out for revenge and want Britain to pay just about everyone else in the world for its evil deeds.

While my post was a bit of fun, I reckon this lot might be serious. That said, their web site will surely make you laugh, so I think this counts as a Friday Funny.

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The Daily Pennsylvanian Evaluates ICBR


"A $58 trillion call for British Reparations"

"People of the world, it's time to get paid."
So reads the motto for the International Coalition for British Reparations, founded by Philadelphia advertising executive Steven Grasse.

Claiming that Britain is responsible for all the world's troubles, the ICBR wants the British government to pay reparations equaling a total of $58 trillion to be distributed equally to every man, woman and child on earth - except, of course, the British.

Because the British, the ICBR alleges, are to blame for all the world's bad inventions, including - but not limited to - genocide, machine guns and the Black Plague.

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Tattoo art flows into mainstream ads


Corporations tap into pop culture, call on tattoo artists to help their brands gain an edge with younger consumers and convey a sense of originality.

Tattoos--once considered outlaw art--have seeped from the skin of consumers into the fabric of advertising and marketing.

First trendy and now common as a form of personal expression, tattoos are popping up in magazine and online ads to sell a range of mass-appeal products looking to communicate an image of hipness or edginess, or just to stand out.

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Quaker City Mercantile's (formerly Quaker City Mercantile) New Philly Digs


Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) has moved to a new Philadelphia headquarters at 13th and Sansom, which boasts some really smokin' interior design - particularly the lobby's custom wallpaper, designed by local studio Print Liberation ( The wallpaper features "portraits of all the famous people in history who have profited by growing tobacco," explains Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) founder/CEO Steven Grasse. The list includes Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Patrick Henry, General William Tecumseh Sherman and Al Gore, whose "family's fortune was made by growing tobacco - how's that for an inconvenient truth!" quips Grasse, a nonsmoker. "Tobacco isn't just a product category that we work on; it symbolizes liberty and freedom for us," he adds. Moreover, he notes, "Tobacco is a very important part of our country's history. America was founded on tobacco; the American Revolution was funded by tobacco."

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International Coalition for British Reparations demands $8,350 per person in the world.


There's a very peculiar full-page ad in this week's Philadelphia City Paper for a group called the International Coalition for British Reparations (and its web site,, which is demanding 31 trillion pounds in reparations for -- well, for literally billions of people worldwide, and almost everyone in the United States.

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Evil Empire on the Guardian


Heavens! Surely that prodigiously talented actor, singer, underwear model and prospective parliamentary candidate for the Conservative party, Mr Adam Rickitt, has not had a change of heart? The New Zealand Herald reports (and we have, alas, very little reason to doubt it) that the Adonis of the A-list, fresh from a triumphant Christmas season as Prince Charming at the Theatre Royal, Norwich, is shortly to join the cast of the long-running Kiwi hospital soap Shortland Street in an as yet undisclosed role. Even more alarming, however, is the paper's scarcely believable claim that the former Corrie heart-throb approached the producers himself, "seeking work". Oh, what a tragedy it would be if the most sensational six-pack in politics were to abandon all hope of actually being selected to fight a parliamentary seat!

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