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Boston Magazine features Narrangansett Beer

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Narragansett Beers

22,828 Est. Sold Per Season

The Cost

1967 - .50 cents

2011 - $7.25

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Drink Me Mag features Hendrick's Gin and Narragansett

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The Wall Street Journal features Narragansett

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Best of the Fest
Grab your stein and fill it high with a hearty Oktoberfest brew

In this holiday of abundance, of overflowing steins and bars and dirndls, let's pause to consider the fuel of this debaucherous blaze: the beer. The time is Oktoberfest and the style is Märzen. Named for the month in which it's brewed (March), this caramel lager spends its summer fermenting cool and slow—before refrigeration, the beer was stored in Bavarian caves—emerging dark, rich and autumnally mature in color and taste in the fall.

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The Conway Daily Sun features Narragansett and Tamworth Lyceum

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Narragansett Beer display at The Lyceum Sept. 2

Tropical Storem Irene passed through on Sunday causing severe flooding in many parts of New Hampshire. Damage to the immediate Tamworth area was limited to some localized outages caused by falling tree limbs and temporary road closures. Nearby towns including Conway and Bartlett, sustained more severe damage and inconvenience to residents.

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The Jamestown Press Features Narragansett Beer

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Spinnakers launches new menu items in time for summer
By Ken Shane

Mike Ridge has owned Spinnakers for seven years, but the East Ferry location has been a destination for ice cream lovers for a considerably longer period of time.

“I purchased it in 2004,” Ridge said. “It had the name Spinnakers for a few years prior to that, but it has been in this particular location for about 30 years, under one name or another. It’s always been some sort of restaurant, bakery or ice cream store.”

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Rolex Transatlantic Race : British Soldier: Past half way
Thursday, 07 July 2011

Position at 2200hrs Z, Weds 6 Jul: 46degs27 N, 38degs06 W (610 NM due E of Newfoundland)

Great white sail reaching all day, heading due E at over 9 kts - we logged 210 miles in the 24hrs to 1800hrs today. Key decision is when to head further N, away from this band of stronger wind and closer to the GC route and find our way through the ridge of high pressure to the E. Possibly tonight as the wind starts to veer... The fog's back after a 10hr absence. Hopefully this is limited to preceding a front coming up on us tonight.

Small celebration at lunchtime, since we passed the halfway point last night. It looked more like a mid-Atlantic mess meeting, with a Narragansett beer and cigars. 1500miles down, around 1300 to go.

 Almost hit a whale, but he ducked just in time. Otherwise all's well. :-)

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