About Us

Quaker City Mercantile is a hybrid of 19th century mercantilism and 21st century brand artistry. We create brands from the ground up and bring them to market. This includes all aspects of manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

We work in three ways: 1. Self-funded 2. Equity partners with investors 3. Work for hire. We then stay on to manage the health and growth of the brands we create for extended periods providing services such as visual design, content creation, social media and overall brand strategy.

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About Steven Grasse

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As the founder of QCM, Steven has created breakthrough products including Hendricks Gin, Sailor Jerry Rum and Art in the Age Spirits. He also spearheaded the wildly successful rebranding of Narragansett Beer. Steven believes in creating enduring brands and products with rich backstories that people can truly care about.

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