Hendrick’s Launches Refreshing Encounters Campaign

Gin brand, Hendrick’s has today launched its landmark global summer campaign “Refreshing Encounters”, with TVC directed by the conceptually driven absurdist duo, The Perlorian Brothers.

The storytellers bring a refreshingly peculiar perspective to Hendrick’s wonderland of Victorian surrealism, infusing the magic of the Hendrick’s world with a spark of nuanced human complexity for the first time ever in the brand’s history.

For the first time in Hendrick’s history, the world’s most unusual gin casts real actors to appear in the campaign, creating an intriguing mix of humanity and mysticism.

The inspiration to combine animation and real-life came from Karel Zeman, a 1950s Czech filmmaker who pioneered the implementation of living actors featuring in illustrated movies.

The theme of animation aligns with the brand’s surrealist ethos as, with ‘the great magical power of animation, anything is possible.’

“For the first time in Hendrick’s history, we’ve punctuated our brand world with real life people! The effect brings an exciting new dimension to our vision and, we hope, conveys a message that, for everyone, curiosity can be rewarded in the most wondrous ways,” said Muiris Ó Riada, global brand director at Hendrick’s Gin.

“Working with The Perlorian Brothers was the perfect partnership, they share our alternative way of looking at the world and brought the idea of “Refreshing Encounters” to life in a way that makes you want to dive into the screen and party with flamingos.”

Created in partnership with creative agency Quaker City Mercantile, the omni-channel campaign begins in a mundane, lackluster underworld with our live actors trapped in mechanical bubbles with no space for imagination, all until our lead protagonist catches a glimpse of a mesmerising and absurd curiosity.

Born to notice the unusual and investigate it for no better reason than to see ‘what if’, our hero breaks free from the rational convention of his solitary mechanical bubble to follow his curiosity.

Making the bold move from the familiar to the unexpected, our lead character discovers a vibrant new world adorned with an abundance of cucumber, rose, cascading waterfalls, curious creatures, and human characters.

A truly “Refreshing Encounter” infused with pleasure beyond belief filling our lead character with a sense of inexplicable joy beyond reason.

“Hendrick’s is absolutely unique as a brand. Their playfulness and absurdity perfectly aligned with our creative outlook. We’re curious by nature, so bringing the Hendrick’s world to life was one of the most exciting creative adventures we’ve been on,” said the Perlorian Brothers

The “Refreshing Encounters” campaign launches with assets across multiple touchpoints, including TVC, Advocacy, Social, OOH, and Shopper.


Hendrick’s Launches Absurdist New “Refreshing Encounters” Campaign