Try Tamworth Garden Dutchess Gin According to Chilled Magazine

7 Interesting Gins to Try This Season

If you’re a dedicated gin drinker, you know there is more to the spirit than London Dry varieties.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of brands infusing interesting ingredient combinations as well as bottling small batch spirits that are made with extra attention and care. If you’re looking to elevate your gin game this season, check out these seven interesting bottlings for all of your cocktail needs.


Tamworth Garden Dutchess Gin ($60)

If you’re new to the gin game, then this bottling is a great way to ease yourself into the category. Inspired by genever, Tamworth Garden Dutchess Gin is a sweeter, less juniper-forward take on the spirit, infused with cherry bark, orange rind, apple pomace, raspberry and nutmeg. With a rich flavor that includes baking spices, juniper and candied fruit, it’s beautiful mixed in a Gin Old Fashioned.

Tamworth Garden Dutchess Gin, bottle on white
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