This whiskey is infused with deer meat is only for bold drinkers

CALLING ALL WHISKEY FANS: Art in the Age carries some truly unique whiskeys, one infused with deer meat and another that is described as striking — but not in a good way.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa — Bottles of spirits from Tamworth Distilling line the shelves at the Art in the Age in Philadelphia, and some of them are REALLY unique.

Topping that list is Deerslayer Venison Whiskey, which is just as it sounds, whiskey infused with actual venison.

It’s a white whiskey, so the amber color of the spirit comes from the venison it is infused with.

Distillers say it takes on the flavor and smokiness of the meat.

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There’s also the Corpse Flower Durian Brandy.

Durian is a fruit that is known for its unpleasant smell that is said to be striking — not in a good way.

While the fruit itself is pleasant, it is recommended that you let the brandy breathe and let the smell dissipate before taking a sip.