Tamworth Distilling’s Beaver Whiskey Is Back According To The Whiskey Advocate

Rare Japanese Single Malts, Laphroaig 30 Year Old & More New Whisky

Remember the beaver whiskey? It’s back again, with New Hampshire’s Tamworth Distilling releasing a new batch available through Warehouse Wines & Spirits. The 200-ml bottles are a hefty $70 apiece, but where else are you going to get whiskey flavored with castoreum from a beaver’s anal glands?

If you prefer your whisky unadulterated, however, there are plenty of new releases free of animal products. Nikka is offering a pair of single malts, one each from its Miyagikyo and Yoichi distilleries, blending whiskies from the 1960s through today. Priced at $3,500, there are just 70 bottles of each variant coming to the U.S.

Laphroaig is launching a new series of well-aged single malts in honor of former distillery manager Ian Hunter, starting with a 30 year old aged in bourbon barrels. The whisky is priced at $1,250, with limited amounts available.

Glendalough Distillery has unveiled its first single pot still whiskey ($55), along with a 17 year old single malt finished in mizunara casks ($299) and a 25 year old single malt finished in virgin Irish oak ($399). The single pot still whiskey has good availability, with limited amounts of the 17 and 25 year olds for sale.

Israel’s M&H Distillery is debuting in the U.S. with two single malts—one peated, one not—under the label Whisky in Bloom. The whiskies are priced at $55, available in limited amounts with expansion planned.

Independent bottler The Perfect Fifth is launching in the U.S. with four single cask scotches: a 42 year old Cambus single grain, and well-aged single malts from Highland Park, Glen Scotia, and Springbank. Prices range from $850 to $3,500, with only a few hundred bottles of each whisky, at most, available.

Pennsylvania’s Wigle Distillery is releasing a 5 year old bottled in bond rye. Just 250 bottles, priced at $75, are for sale.

Finally, Virginia Distillery Co. (VDC) has bottled the second whisky in its Journey Cask Collection, a single-cask single malt from The English Whisky Co. Priced at $125, the whisky is for sale primarily at VDC’s tasting room.

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12/17/19: This article has been updated to reflect new information about the age of M&H’s whiskies6