Quaker City Shrubs- The Newest Hard Seltzer to Hit the Market

Meet Quaker City Shrubs, The Newest Hard Seltzer to Hit the Market

by Jessie Donofrio on Jul 6, 2018 in Liquor

Hard seltzers may be the hottest—or coolest—drink of the summer, and there’s a brand new can out there for your drinking pleasure.

Quaker City Shrubs offer a unique alternative to sugary spiked beverages with only 3 grams of sugar and 90 calories — but it’s still 4% ABV. They come in natural fruit flavors like apple, blackberry and grapefruit and have a dash of apple cider vinegar in them to amplify the fruit flavors and provide a dry and tangy finish. The best part is that QC Shrubs are completely all-natural and free of synthetic sugars and ingredients.

The name comes from a colonial recipe where shrubs were used as a way to preserve fruit with sugar and vinegar. Creator of the Shrubs, Steven Grasse, said in a press release: “Instead of trying to recreate the wheel, we allowed an old-world health tonic celebrated for its holistic qualities to be our guide. Apple cider vinegar provides the perfect amount of natural sweetness to create an exciting flavor profile without relying on common sweeteners or fermented dextrose.”

Purchase the all-natural beverage at your local Total Wine, Wegmans or Whole Foods across the tristate area. They’re also hosting a special launch party at Bok Bar on Tuesday, July 17 from 6 PM-9 PM. The event will have free samples of the Shrubs, Shrub floats from Capogiro, BBQ from South Philly Smokhaus, kebabs, a DJ and more. Tickets are free but you need to register beforehand here, and QC will be donating a $1 per each guest in attendance to the Southwark School.

Photo via Punch Media