Hendrick’s Gin Just Launched Its Own 24-Hour Streaming Service

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Hendrick’s Gin launched something a little different today: it’s own streaming service.

Touted as “the only one anyone needs” the streaming service offers, you guessed it, 24-hour access to some of the world’s most captivating streams. As in streams of water. Specifically, the service offers you a front-row seat to watch The Brook that Dared, Cucumber Creek, and Little Falls with Rosy Dreams.

“Quite honestly, we find the array of films and shows available on conventional streaming to be quite mind-numbing,” states Vance Henderson, U.S. Ambassador for the Scottish-based gin maker. “Our stream-focused streaming service will provide a leisurely alternative, coupled with insights into how best to sip Hendrick’s cocktails while you watch. Our objective is to entertain, relax and mesmerize our curious and thirsty viewers. To wit – our service makes no judgement on the amount of hours spent gazing upon the ever-flowing streams, so no need to fear any dreadful interruptions!”

While there’s most definitely going to be some running water in each stream, you might also be able to catch a few extra special additions. Specifically, Hendrick’s notes that the squirrel community is quite active by these streams. You might encounter a squirrel in a top hat, eating a cucumber, or just watching the stream along with you.

You can watch all three streams on Hendrick’s website here.

And as you might imagine. Hendrick’s is also offering some drink pairing suggestions for each stream, in case you want to imbibe while you watch. For The Brook That Dared it recommends a Hendrick’s Rickey, Cucumber Creek deserves a Cucumber Lemonade, and Little Falls With Rosy Dreams pairs wonderfully with a Floradora.

You can find recipes for all there on Hendrick’s streaming site beside their respective literal and figurative streams.