Eater Features Art in the Age’s Halloween Themed Cocktail Workshop

Halloween 2018: Creepy Cocktails, Spooky Snacks, and So Many Pumpkins

Where to eat, drink, and party this Halloween

Morgan’s Pier is throwing its annual open bar Halloween Bash

Morgan’s Pier [official photo]

For many, Halloween is a favorite time of year. It’s easy to see why, what with all the candy, costumes, parties, and themed food and drinks at local restaurants and watering holes. This month, Philly eateries, bars, and neighborhood organizations get into the spooky spirit with events, blowout parties, and family-friendly fun leading up to All Hallows’ Eve and on the big day itself.


Bewitching Tipples Cocktail Workshop

Bartender Mary Wood leads a pop-up cocktail event called The Witch Bar at Old City’s popular Art in the Age shop and tasting room a few days before Halloween. Mary will guide the group through crafting themed cocktails. Tickets are $40.

Art in the Age is making Halloween cocktails

Art in the Age [official photo]

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