Apiary Makes Liquor.com List of 9 Gins that take you on a Journey



The days of London dry gin—and London dry gin alone—are long gone. Ever since Hendrick’sturned the gin world on its ear with its unorthodox use of cucumber, rose petals and chamomile, the juniper spirit has never been the same. Both craft and large-scale distillers have since started experimenting with botanicals far beyond the traditional array of coriander, angelica, cassia, orris and the like. The freshest and most surprising of these spirits are the ones that seek to define themselves with local botanicals and, in doing so, capture a true sense of place. These are nine gins that take you on a journey, no lane ticket required.


Tamworth, N.H., is rich in local flora that the bees use to produce a variety of honeys. Apiary celebrates this natural synergy, while drawing on intriguing local botanicals. A forest-y note comes from juniper, as well as poplar buds (which lend the gin a soft yellow tone) and pine rosin. Red clover adds a note of honeyed sweetness, which is echoed in the smooth viscosity of the gin itself.

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