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GetLoFi Hypes The Unusual Times' Theremin Contest


Theremin Giveaway on The Unusual Times

The Unusual Times is giving away a Moog Etherwave Theremin Package. All that's required is an email address to sign up and you have until Sept 10th to register. The website seems to be predominantly sponsored by Hendrick's Gin, so you may get a newsletter or a visit from the bearded kid. Get Lucky!

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Drink Hacker Sailor Jerry Rum Review


Review: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

There's a dearth of spiced rums on the market, and a severe shortage of ones that are any good. (We're fans of Kilo Kai, but it remains terribly hard to find at retail.)

Sailor Jerry is the personal recipe of Jerry Collins, a 1920s Hawaiian tattoo artist and apparently quite the rum connoisseur. Distilled in the U.S. Virgin Islands and bottled at a hot 92 proof, Sailor Jerry welcomes you with a ukulele-playing hula girl and a nose full of caramel. The "spice" component of Sailor Jerry is less than you'll find in other spiced rums, but its more than made up for with that sugary, caramel flavor that makes what sounds like an overly alcoholic wine surprisingly smooth.

I tried it against Kilo Kai and it was night and day: Kilo's citrus notes (and low proof) made it easy to sip straight, but Jerry's caramel made it a fuller (and darker colored) spirit and perhaps a little better with Coke. Both are knockout rums, but quite different. Any rum fan - especially the spiced rum fan - should seek out a bottle. At prices like this, it practically drinks itself!

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Lucky Mag Highlights Revamped Midtown Village!


Lucky on the Loose: Midtown Village

Shedding its formerly seedy vibe, this up-and-coming cluster of new and relocated stores is one of Center City's best retail hubs.

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Sailor Jerry Favored on Chow Bella by Jorge Cacho


CB: What do you like to drink?

JC: I'm a big rum guy. My favorite drink is a splash of Sailor Jerry...he's an old tattoo artist and I love the tattoo world. It's spiced rum, kind of like Captain Morgan. And Corona. I remember I was a little kid, like seven or eight years old, and my uncle was the GM of [the Corona] factory. So I could walk into the factory and grab five or six beers for my cousins.

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Contests Galore: The Unusual Times featured on Drink Well

Case Study Image

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Art in the NO AGE on Hide Your Arms


String Break by Art in the No Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Yes, this tee is by Art in the Age of Reproduction, and no, I haven't made an error in the title, although I do think that if Art in the Age and No Age team up for a collaboration that that should have dropped the 'the' from the title. "Art in No Age of Mechanical Reproduction," see? Much cleaner!

I've never actually heard of No Age, an experimental rock/pop punk/noisepop/powerpop/shoegaze (<-- whaa??!!)/what do genre labels even mean anymore... band from Los Angeles before I found out about this tee collaboration, but I think I stopped knowing what was cool in the music world a long time ago when I unsubscribed from Stereogum and decided that I quite liked 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavigne.

The tee itself has a kinda grimy punk quality to it. At first I didn't actually find it all that appealing, and as a tee on its own it hasn't really grown on me, but I reckon that if it were being worn by someone with a bit of a rocker look that it would be pretty badass.

Costiness=$28 Men's tee/Women's Tee

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