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Inky Reports on Clean Break


A village grows at Design Philadelphia

You expect to see a rich panoply of architectural types when you walk along Broad Street in Center City. Tall office towers and boxy theaters. Classical banks and trendy restaurants. Subway entrances and newsstands. A darling, lipstick-red house with a front yard, a tiny porch, and solar cells.

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Inhabitat Writes About Clean Break



This week our Prefab Friday radar went crazy when it detected A Clean Break's green, prefab neighborhood in the City of Brotherly Love, hosted by Minima Gallery as a part of overall DesignPhiladelphia and National Design Week festivities. From October 17 to October 30 visitors can wander through a modern, green village featuring innovative design solutions from international architects and designers, including Alchemy Architects and Sustain Design/Altius Architecture. See what it means to live green in the neighborhood!

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Puma Research Paper Includes Quaker City Mercantile


Research Paper on Puma
PUMA set also its television campaign -- a retro-futuristic perspective on the past two months by Quaker City Mercantile, the highly acclaimed Philadelphia-based advertising agency that specializes in marketing to the alternative youth culture, and was produced as the first commercial endeavor by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, producers of the 1996 MTV music video of the year, "Tonight Tonight" by the Smashing Pumpkins. PUMA named Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) its advertising agency of record in September 1996 (Business Wire 1996).PUMA's revolutionary advanced CELL technology -- was developed over

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100K House Writes on Clean Break


"A Clean Break" Prefab Neighborhood Opens Tonight at 7PM

I don't know how I forgot to post anything on this event until now. Get ready for lots of links in this post. A Clean Break sponsored and coordinated by Minima is part of the Design Philadelphia citywide event that is starting today and running for a week straight with over 90 programs scheduled.

ISA was asked to participate in the event a few months ago to specifically showcase the 100K House project along with other distinguished exhibitors. ISA has easily put in three nine man weeks (is that a term?) to prepare a smashing exhibit for this show. They've done a bang up job, so if you have time come on out to support them. The grand opening is tonight from 7PM - 10PM and we'll be getting there around 6PM to check out the final product. More details below:

Event: A Clean Break: Pop up Neighborhood

Where: 313 S Broad St across from Kimmel Center

When: Opening Oct 16th at 7PM and running until Oct 30th (11AM - 7PM)

Lastly, Brian from ISA and I (and maybe Nic) will be part of a panel on Saturday, October 25th in conjunction with this event. We will be sharing a table with Peter LaBonte of Modern Modular in Brooklyn. The subject is Deliberate Development. Check out the event calender for more information or to RSVP for the event which will be from 3:30 - 4:45.

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"Sudden Impact" - City Paper Reports on Clean Break


Sudden Impact

This prefab neighborhood sprouted in a Philadelphia minute, but its roots are deep.
by A.D. Amorosi

Design Philadelphia's primary theme this year, "Down to Earth: Evolving Design in the 21st Century," got Hilary Jay thinking outside the box. "Everywhere you turn, it's sustainable this and ecological that," says the DP co-founder and executive director. "I didn't want to be as blatant with our message, so I titled our theme to leave room for interpretation."

In this city, nothing so zestfully calls to mind the need for design evolution than "A Clean Break," a "pop-up neighborhood" exhibit of prefabricated spaces combining notions of sustainability, affordable housing, eco-friendliness and near-future revitalization.

And nothing calls to mind the idea of a "pop-up neighborhood" - something surreal, modern, tasteful and pragmatic - like Broad Street, this city's grandest central thoroughfare where richly appointed brownstones sit beside freshly mined cookie-cutter condos. "We wanted to have a center axis," says Jay. "Broad Street spoke to this."

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Campaign Brief writes about Bikini Bandits TV



Curious Film has launched Bikini Bandits TV, an alternative film network showcasing short films, music videos and animation hosted from the iconic music club CBGBs in New York. Clips include, 'Eagles of Death Metal: Know Thy Meat', 'Zombie Blood Chaos', 'The Adventures of Dirty Sanchez', as well as excerpts from Bikini Bandits feature films and a series of commercials for Charles Mason Salad Dressing. "Advertising is the economy of human attention. If you have something to sell, there's no cheaper, faster, easier or less imaginative way to get maximum attention on a minimum budget than positioning your product next to a bikini," says Pete Grasse at Curious Films in Australia. As a result, Grasse and Philadelphia agency Quaker City Mercantile, created Bikini Bandits as a vehicle to advertise the agency's retail outlet G*Mart ( and its in-house label Sailor Jerry (

"We wanted to explore the relationship between sex and consumerism, and so elevated the role of women in the global marketplace from disposable ornaments to predatory robber barons. Hence, we juxtaposed the life-giving symbols of feminine submission with the life-taking accoutrements of masculine sovereignty. The result was entertainment," says Grasse.

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