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Newton Tab features Narragansett's Eric Spitz

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Newton resident helps launch another round for Narragansett beer

By Steve Annear

Last year, when controversy brewed between Harvard University Professor Henry Gates and Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley, Eric Spitz had one thing in mind - a peace offering.

"I sent two of my interns to Crowley and Gates' houses and left a case of [Narragansett] beer, a T-shirt and hat [on their porches]," said Spitz, a Waban resident and CFO of the lager. "Low and behold, it was staked out by the media and we got play on all the news channels."

It was all part of his plan to bring Narragansett beer back o the forefront.

"The reality is there are signs up and paraphernalia around and memories inside the heads of a huge swath of the community," said Spitz. "There was bad beer in the can for a while, but Narragansett Beer was never actually dead."

In 2008, Spitz teamed up with Narragansett CEO Mark Hellendrung, former president of Nantucket Nectars, to manage Narragansett's "comeback strategy" complete with a rebranding initiative and relaunch of the Rhode Island-based brew.

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10engines Blog Hypes SNAP

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From Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction, the people that brought out Root  last year, comes another certified organic vacation-in-a-glass; Snap. There have been a few ginger-infused type spirits released recently but have been wary until now. Love ginger generally (was munchng on some pickled ginger last night in fact, straight out of the jar) and bet this could make a killer alt' G&T (ginger and tonic??). Tricky to find in the NorthEast but if anyone tracks it down would love to know.

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TV Guide.CA Hypes MAVEA Water Pitcher

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Made You Look! Homegurl’s Favourite Things 

Mavea Water Pitcher
Ditch those awful plastic water bottles for good and switch to this sleek pitcher designed by the great folks at Mavea. It’s stylish enough to make a statement on your dining room table and the revolutionary design will take the guess work out of knowing when to replace the filter. No pre-soaking required, it fits in your fridge door and the micro-screen smart meter even measures water hardness, which can prevent limescale buildup in your appliances, and water volume. This eco-friendly company will even recycle your old water filters AND pay for the shipping. How cool is that? The thing I loved most about this water filter is its five glass capacity.
Go to for more details.

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TribLIVE Review Features Narragansett

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Pricey Hops to Refine Taste of Revived Duquesne Beer

The question beer drinkers ask about the new Duquesne Beer: "How will it taste?"

The answer should come in a few weeks. Brewers at City Brewing Co. in Latrobe and other experts said this week that it is being made with expensive ingredients that will produce an American pilsener that is "straw yellow" in appearance with a taste not as bitter and "less hoppy" than other beers.


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Everybody Likes Sandwiches Blog Bakes up ROOT

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root beer cake topped with “root” cream

When I went to San Francisco recently I had a small mission to accomplish: buy Root liquor. Root is a traditional spirit produced by a group of Philly artists known as Art in the Age and they’ve created this root beer wallop from a recipe not seen since the early 20th century. It’s readily available in Philadelphia and in a few North Carolina locations, but not at all available in Canada. Luckily, I found it at Cask, a great San Francisco shop filled with hard-to-find small-batch spirits. $40 later and it was carefully swathed into my luggage bound for Vancouver.

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A delicious gingersnappy spirit! From the Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction guys that brought us ROOT! Here's a recipe for Ginger Rye!


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