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FooBooz Features Art In the Age's New Liquor

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Can You Guess The Name Of Art In The Age’s New Booze?
Posted by Victor Fiorillo on May 25th, 2011

First there was ROOT. Then there was SNAP. Now, the folks at Art In the Age are telling us that they’re coming out with another spirit in July. But they won’t tell us the friggin’ name! Or what it’s made out of. So we need your help.
Here’s what we do know:
• It’s 80-proof.
• Instead of four letters, the name will contain five.
• The spirit is inspired by Pennsylvania history.
• It is “veggie oriented”, thereby excluding WHOOP, which would have been awesome.
Enter your best guess (meaning one per person) in the comments section below. Once the real name is actually revealed (or leaked and confirmed, which is more likely in this climate), the first commenter with the right guess gets a free bottle of the stuff. And if no one gets it right, well, I guess we’ll just have to drink it ourselves. a VIP invite to an exclusive preview party for ___________ at a time and place TBD. (Apparently some people don’t like the idea of giving away free bottles of booze. Who knew?)

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I'll Take Two: The Sippin' 5 Star Cocktails of Manhattan Cocktail Classic

So much to sip, so little liver. Manhattan Cocktail Classic’s opening gala offered up a menagerie of cocktails for revelers to choose from. At every turn, we saw, we sipped, we savored. Yep, enthusiasts pretty much scored on the cocktail front. Bars, bartenders and craft cocktails literally occupied almost every inch of the New York Public Library leaving City Sip staffers palettes perplexed for days. But through all that we sipped and saw, these cocktail “craftorians” really delivered with spirited execution, delivery, presentation and taste. Dream a little drink come true in I’ll Take Two: The Sippin’ 5 Star Cocktails of Manhattan Cocktail Classic.

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Beer Nut Blog Features Narragansett Tie

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Hey Daddy, grab a ‘Gansett tie
by Norman Miller

OK, you know you’re going to buy your father a crappy tie for Father’s Day, but why don’t you make it a snazzy tie, and throw in some beer with it.
Narragansett Beer is releasing its annual Father’s Day tie.
The tie will be free from May 23 to June 19 for those who buy a ‘Gansett 18-pack or case in select liquor stores throughout southern New England.
Ties will be available online by clicking here.
This year’s tie was designed by Amanda Zoglio of Brookline, and it’s kind of cool. The next time I wear a tie, I may use it, unless it’s a funeral.

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Daily Candy Features Art In The Age

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The Round Up

Beach Gear Bingo
Bum at the beach like a pro

Bag 'n' Noun Reverse Tote
Available at:
Price: $150
Seen: Summer 2011

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Narragansett Summer Ale

Bottle/Tap: 16oz Can

All you have to do is look out a window and see the seasons change in New England.  That used to be how I would gauge the change in climate, I have a new method now.  When I see a box on my doorstep from the folks at Narragansett, it must be a new seasonal brew, and I should start wearing lighter clothing.  Truth be told, waiting for me the other day were a few cans of their new Summer Ale.  I welcomed them in and thought to put them to work right away.

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Art In The Age Of ~ is having a Terrarium Making Workshop to recycle Root + Snap liquor bottles! (Sadly, event is only in Philly!)

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