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Three Clever Sisters features Mavea

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New Water Filter! (Mavea Review)

Considering Portland recently was in the nation’s attention for its water reservoir being tainted by a childish prank, it’s no surprise I’m inclined to reach for the filtered water.  Yes, some stupidhead thought it would be funny to relieve himself in the Mt. Tabor water reservoir  – but per this story he thought it was sewage treatment plant – “no disrespect!”  The authorities tried to assure the fair citizens of the Rose City that the amount of contamination was inconsequential given the reservoir’s size, but the “yuck” factor won out.  The city drained the reservoir and for the most part I filter my water.

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Philly Homegrown features RHUBY and SNAP

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Philly Homegrown Holiday Drink Round-Up

With the holiday shopping season upon us, we thought it might be helpful to give a few suggestions on where you could stop, take a break and actually enjoy some holiday spirit(s). Below is a list of some of our favorite haunts and festive drinks, with a slight locavore bent, of course!

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The Best New Spirits of 2011

I don't think wine makes a great gift. Its perceived value is tarnished by the way bottles are casually dealt out at the door by dinner party guests upon arrival. However, I do think fine spirits make splendid gifts. Elegant bottles can be found in whatever price range suits your fancy—from $30 on up—and, even better, a spirit makes a lasting impression, since it's unlikely to be consumed right away. Here are my picks of the year's best new spirits.

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Main Line Today features RHUBY

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RHUBY: Art in the Age’s Organic Spirit

This 80-proof Philadelphia spirit harkens back to Ben Franklin and John Bartram's recipe for rhubarb-flavored tea.

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ROW 14: Where Booze Meets Beauty

People who are passionate about their work are usually very knowledgeable and very good at their jobs. This is a life lesson I’ve learned over the years working in the nonprofit and education fields. It was reinforced tonight as I sat with master mixologist and official “Bar Dude,” Travis Plakke, at Row 14. I signed up for a drink menu preview and lucked out in getting history and chemistry lessons as well. Much like dining, it completely changes the cocktail experience to understand where the ingredients come from and how different flavors work together.

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TONIGHT: Holiday Textile Stocking Workshop @ Art in the Age

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, a local org/boutique that encourages originality in a society of continually rehashed ideas, challenges Philadelphians to tap into their inner artist with their Holiday Textile Stocking Workshop being held later tonight.

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