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Paradigm Magazine features Steven Grasse

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There are NO Shortcuts Worth Taking 

Interview by Theo Constantinou

Instead of writing an introduction for this piece, we are posting the end of our conversation with Steven that was off record and that was still being recorded, to give you a better idea of our ethos here at Paradigm.

Theo Constantinou: We’re starting out at the same point where you were, which is that, we’re doing something that’s what we like, and what we think other people should know about; people aren’t really living the way that they should. And so, we’re kind of doing it the same way: doing what we enjoy in life. We want people to live life and enjoy it, push the envelope and scope of our daily lives, and the way we conduct ourselves in life and business. There are people who are so deprived of that, that they don’t know where to begin.

Steven Grasse: When we started out, I’d take business from anybody to survive. We can be selective now, but when we started, it was just like, ‘here’s five dollars.’ Yeah I’ll do it, no problem. A lot of the work that we used to do was very much one way; now we’re very much this other way.

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Washington Post features ROOT

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White vermouth’s feeling the love

When I wrote my very first Spirits column five years ago, the topic was vermouth. It’s hard to imagine now, but I felt I had to persuade readers to show vermouth a little respect.

At the time, in the early stages of the classic cocktail trend, vermouth was still the butt of age-old jokes by committed drinkers of “very very dry” martinis. (You know the old saws: Just whisper the word “vermouth” while you mix it! Simply wave a capped bottle of vermouth over the shaker! Take a tumbler of gin and bow in the direction of France! And so on.)


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Uwishunu features AITA Event

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Meet The Founders Of The Vintage-Inspired Eyewear Company, Warby Parker, At Art In The Age

If you’re a spectacle-loving nerd (we mean that in the coolest possible way) or already a fan of the classically crafted, quality eyewear that is Warby Parker, then you might want to mosey on over to their showroom at Art in the Age for a special Meet the Founders, event, Thursday, February 16.


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Deal Finder Dad features Mavea

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Mavea Water Filtration Pitcher Review and Giveaway

MAVEA filtered water is great drinking water, but it’s also a lot more than that. To food enthusiasts who have a discerning taste for the better things in life, MAVEA is the perfect accessory. Not only does it satisfy the need to have natural and healthy water for drinking, it is the secret ingredient to better tasting foods and beverages.

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Trends from New York.

Cool home goods at the Gift Fair


Handmade and natural materials. Erin Legg, store manager and buyer for Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, was happy to find more of an emphasis this year on the handmade and artisanal. "There were a lot more smaller, start-up companies making well-crafted pieces in small batches," she says. This included a Philadelphia contingent of Girls Can Tell, Peg & Awl, and Forage Bowties.

Within the handmade, Legg zeroed in on a natural, organic look. She saw "lots of trees, leaves, and feathers," she says, and "no harsh graphics or saturated color." The feather pillows by Coral & Tusk's Stephanie Housley epitomize this trend for Legg. The New York-based designer draws the feathers, then embroiders them onto fabric.

Wood on its own and mixed with materials ranging from steel to ceramics was prevalent. The LED Clamp Lamp by Dana Cannam for Pablo Designs cleverly mixes white oak or walnut with new technology. The stripped-down form consists of a dowel on a clamp and a long, tapered piece that holds a skinny strip of high-efficiency diodes. Custom baby rattles by Cameo by Rux start as a rectangular block of wood. The baby's parents upload their photographs to the designer's site, and craftsmen carve Mom and Dad's silhouettes into either side of the toy.

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Philly Beer Scene features AITA Spirits

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From Past to Present

Art in the Age’s newest spirit gives an historical recipe a modern twist.

As far as local collective Art in the Age (AitA) of Mechanical Reproduction is concerned, 1771 was a very good year. Just outside Philadelphia, famed botanist and horticulturist John Bartram received America’s first rhubarb seeds from Ben Franklin. Bartram put those very seeds to tasty use in a garden tea recipe which included beets, carrots and lemons, amongst a bevy of other ingredients.

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