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Today's Woman features Mavea

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Give up the plastic bottle! Keep the water


If you’ve used a Brita filter pitcher before, then you’ll love the Mavea.  Mavea is a German company that started in 2007 and it is family owned.

It used be a part of the subsidiary of the BRITA Group. More than 40 years ago the parent company, BRITA GmbH, invented pour through water filtration and the water filter jug. Today it is one of the most renowned producers in the optimization of drinking water worldwide.

Now keeping up with standards, Mavea has released their own line of Pitchers with filtration systems.


Elemaris 2.4L

Elemaris XL 3.5L

Marella XL 3.5L



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Country Living blog features Mavea

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Mavea Water Filtration Pitcher Review


Lately, I have been on a water journey. Meaning I want to do my part to reduce the waste plastic bottles leave on the Earth. I want to drink for refreshing, eco-friendly and deliciously crisp water. I was super excited when I was given the chance to review the Mavea water filtration pitcher. I received the Elemaris model which comes in 2.4L and 3.5L sizes and well as a choice of black or white. I was super excited to try this product, not just for me, but I mainly use this item for my little girls water for her formula mix.The Mavea Elemaris offers alot of amazing features which are very benefits!

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Free People blog features AITA

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Free People Walnut Street Opening


Yesterday I left work around 5pm to head to our brand new store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.  We were having a private celebration for home office employees, family and friends before the doors officially opened this morning. From the moment I walked through the carved wooden door, I felt like I was in a very special place.  If you live in the area, I definitely recommend making the trip to see the store in person – but if not, I hope these photos can do it some justice!

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Mint Loves Social Club blog features ROOT

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{friday cocktail: the root rx}


Our friend Josh recently told us about these new liqueurs by the small company on the East Coast called Art In The Age.  They currently only produce three flavors; Root, Rhuby and Snap.  This stuff is not easy to find, currently it is only sold in two locations;  the Cask online store and ONE store in Southern California, Hi-Times in Newport Beach.  Lucky for us, we spend time in Orange County often and picked up a bottle of Snap and Root before the holidays.  After playing around with a few different recipes, we decided on this one for today's post.


The Root Rx:


1 oz. Famous Grouse

1/2 oz Root Liqueur

1/2 oz. Domaine de Canton

1 oz. lemon juice

1 barspoon Oban Scotch


Shake Famous Grouse, Root, Domaine de Canton & lemon juice in a cocktail tin with ice. Strain over ice into an old fashioned glass. Float Oban scotch on top.



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New Hampshire Business Review features Steve Grasse

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Q&A with brand maven Steve Grasse

As a longtime ad executive and head of Quaker City Mercantile, Steve Grasse doesn't just market brands; he creates them. Hendrick's Gin? That was his brainchild, as was Sailor Jerry rum, launched after he purchased the estate of the influential Hawaiian tattoo artist Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins. He's also a major shareholder in the Narragansett Beer brand, which was once nearly defunct but is now enjoying a renaissance throughout New England.


The Philadelphia native -- who in his decades-long marketing career has led campaigns for MTV, Puma, Levi's and Mountain Dew -- is now hard at work concocting his newest line of spirits, sold under the brand Art in the Age. The liquors are all inspired by Pennsylvania history, and include root beer-inspired Root, ginger-infused Snap, and the just-launched Rhuby, reminiscent of rhubarb tea.

Where does New Hampshire fit into all this? A couple of years ago, Grasse purchased the historic 72-acre Great Hill Farm in Tamworth -- not far from where he spent summers as a child -- where he has already turned The Store into a modern-day lyceum that hosts lectures and sells mercantile goods.

He also bought the foreclosed-upon, historic Tamworth Inn, which after renovation will house a distillery to create more of his signature spirits, which will be made with locally grown ingredients and inspired by New Hampshire history.

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Art In The Age Presents: Hella Bitter

As part of their January exhibit, Cultivating the Cocktail, the great people over at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (116 North 3rd Street) as selling Hella Bitter Small Batch Bitters.

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