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Foobooz features AITA event

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Art in the Age Dinner at Ela: First Look at the Menu 

 On Tuesday, March 13th, known weirdo (and dreamboat) Jason Cichonski will be pairing his love for odd flavor combinations with products that revel in their own small-batch intellectual complexity when he hosts a five-course dinner at Ela, complete with custom cocktails featuring ROOT, SNAP and RHUBY from Art In The Age.

Under normal circumstances, this would be just another booze-pairing event. But it’s Cichonski’s involvement that makes it a curiosity. Those of you who read Trey Popp’s recent review of Ela understand that Cichonski operates with a strange, Rain Man-like facility when it comes to designing dishes. He sees things on the street that kinda look like other things in his pantry, so builds a dish around them. He makes some mistake during testing an experimental entree and ends up constructing an entirely new dish around some accidental juxtaposition of flavors. So when you give someone like that access to the already complicated flavors of the Art In The Age products, who knows what’s going to happen.

Oh, wait. We do.


Art In The Age Craft Spirits Dinner At Ela

Scallop Tartar

vanilla, kiwi, coconut

 Foie Gras Carpacio,

baby spanish octopus, poppy, pineapple and arugula

 Pork Belly and grilled Spanish Mackerel,

white bean croquettes

 Pulled Beef Shank

Smoked Bone Marrow, Green olive agnolotti, celery root

 Whipped Butterscotch

chocolate cake, almonds

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Uwishunu features AITA store

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Retail Roundup: A Preview Of Philadelphia Boutiques’ Brand New Spring Merchandise, Perfect For This Week’s Warm Temperatures

From wedge sandals to macrame bracelets to neon crop tops and sparkly clutches, step into spring fully outfitted by Philadelphia boutiques. (Photo credits clockwise from top left: courtesy Fluevog, courtesy Arcadia, courtesy Scarlet Fiorella, courtesy Adorn)
We still have a few weeks of winter left on our calendar, but in the retail world, spring is in full swing.
Caught a case of spring fever? Shop these Philly boutiques and get a head start on updating your warm weather wardrobe. Here’s a roundup of what’s in stock, and what you can expect to see on the racks in the coming months.

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Home Speakeasy features AITA Event

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A Few Quick Notes

It’s been a pretty busy couple weeks for us trying to get ready for the Tiki party we’re throwing this weekend, but here’s a couple things that we wanted to pass along:


A Spirited Dinner at Ela

Next week (Tuesday, March 13th) at the recently-awarded Three Bell Ela, Executive Chef/Owner Jason Cichonski will be putting together a five course meal, paired with original cocktails featuring Art in the Age’s ROOT, SNAP and RHUBY. Take a look at the flyer above for more details about the event, but from what we’ve heard of the menu, it sounds great. Jen and I finally got around to checking out Ela this past Friday, and really enjoyed ourselves. Fantastic food, and the cocktails were delicious, too. In my humble opinion, this is definitely something worth checking out. For more info: or

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Beantown Bloggery features SNAP

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Review: Snap!

First off, happy birthday to Bloggery media rep DanDan.  I will be hungover for several days thanks to you.  Secondly, see below for his review of SNAP! 


I recently got the chance to swing by The Hawthorne and taste one of the newest spirits to hit Boston: SNAP!

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Phoodie features AITA Spirited Food Event

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Art in the Age Spirits, Meet Ela

On Tuesday March 14th, Art In The Age will be lending their spirits to Ela and executive chef/owner Jason Cichonski for a five course meal, paired with his own cocktails. Dinner, with cocktail pairings is $65, not including tax and tip. Reservations are needed, and some of the menu items will include:

>>>Scallop Tartar – vanilla, Kiwi, coconut

>>>Foie Gras Carpacio – baby spanish octopus, poppy, pineapple and arugula

>>>Pork Belly and grilled Spanish Mackerel – white bean croquettes

>>>Pulled Beef Shank – Smoked Bone Marrow, Green olive agnalotti, celery root

>>>Whipped Butterscotch – chocolate cake, almonds

So you know, if you need a nice break from all of the St. Paddy’s day hype and nonsense, this doesn’t sound half bad.

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Maxim features Narragansett Beer

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365 Beers In One Day!

We drank a year of beer and built a monument to our achievement: the world's craziest hangover.

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