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Mavea Water Filtration Pitcher Review + Giveaway (3/16)

I love to drink filtered water, and usually I won't drink water otherwise. Unless it's from a bottle, which gets pretty expensive. I received a pitcher from Mavea and was really excited about it! I've used it for about a month and a half now and the water filter is down to 25%, which is really good because most filters I've used before are done in a month. I love that these filters last so long and are relatively inexpensive, you can find a pack of 3 cartridges on amazon for around 18 dollars.

The water tastes great and comes out clear as crystal! I have had no issues at all with my filter. The only thing that I could say, is that once you fill it, be careful if you move it before the water is filtered. It will spill everywhere. I tried to move the pitcher after filling it the first time and got water all over the kitchen floor.

I use the filtered water for Smiley Boy's sippy cups, and for his breakfast cereal. I know that it's safe because all of the potential toxins in tap water are removed while using a Mevea pitcher. Just the idea of using filtered water for my little guy makes me feel better.

This is a great product and I recommened it to any mommy. The filter is easy to install and activate. The pitcher is also easy to fill up, the top of it closes when the water is too high so you know to stop filling it. There is also a screen on the top of the pitcher that tells you how much of the cartridge is left before you replace it. The screen goes from 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. This is very useful so you don't have to guess when you need a new cartridge!

Mavea has been amazing and offered you all a chance to win one of the pitchers! Enter in the Rafflecopter form below to win!

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