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12 Most Interesting New Products for Cocktails

The Twelve most interesting new products for cocktails? Certainly there are more than 12, but for the intent of this assignment, I chose 12 that influenced me in positive ways this past year. Sure there are some recognizable brands and a couple of under the radar finds. I was a Ministry of Rum judge in 2010, so Rum fits the profile as do bitters and of course Bourbon! This year I was named the “On Whiskey” Columnist for OKRA Magazine in New Orleans- and that led me to the discovery of Absinthe- another historic spirit enjoyed in New Orleans, location of Tales of the Cocktail. Twelve? Only Twelve? I’d better get cracking!

3. Snap

Art in the Age out of Philadelphia has set back the cocktail clock by creating a unique Ginger Snap Liquor. Weighing in at a hefty 80 proof, this is not a sickly sweet cordial, nor does it resemble some corn syrup laced vodkas. It is akin to the flavor of true American craft whiskey with crushed ginger snap cookies in the mix. Truly distinctive and aromatic, the culinary and cocktail opportunities abound!

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