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Root Down
During the winter months its nothing out of the ordinary for beer companies to concoct seasonal brews to entice those of us looking to one up the next guy tailgating. While some of the crew tend to get enveloped in this limited edition beer craze I usually opt for the mainstays. Liquor on the other hand has a special place in my heart. Most bartenders (0r Immortals as we call them) have a signature drink or two that can become the center of attention or engage even the most hard nosed critic. That’s all well and good as we are always up for the challenge but its the variations of Liquor that impress me the most. Sure flavored vodkas are out of hand but we all remember the tremor that Absolute Citron had on our city. In my searches for all alcohol new and improved I have stumbled across this from Art in the Age.
Although it isn’t readily available yet you can find it online here and if your fast enough can let us know how it is before we get our hands on it first.Hats off to them for finding a viable story and being able to revitalize a classic. Its also organic but we wont hold that against them.

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