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Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry Featured On Red Pub Magazine

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Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry Movie Is A Must See!
I am so glad I saw this movie, it brought me closer to my grandparents, and their 'great generation.' Its an important American story.

Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry is a feature length documentary exploring the roots of American tattooing through the life of its most iconoclastic figure, Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins. Considered by many the foremost tattoo artist of all time, Collins is the father of modern day tattooing, whose uncompromising lifestyle and larger than life persona made him an American legend. Through rare interviews, photographs and hours of archival footage, Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry: The Life and Times of Norman Keith Collins, explores the past, present and future of the global tattooing phenomenon.

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Around Hypes Art in the Age and THE FARM

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Art in the Age presents: "The Farm"
Location: 116 North 3rd Street
Neighborhood: Old City
Date: Feb 5th, 2010 thru Mar 21st, 2010
Every Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Time: Tues - Sat: 11am - 7pm, Sun: 12 - 6pm
Price: ---

Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction presents THE FARM, a narrative exhibition documenting daily life and new initiatives at the Art In The Age Farm in Tamworth, NH through personal anecdotes, photographs, salvaged objects, and letterpress prints. The presenting artist, Robin McDowell, is Art In The Age's Farm Manager and a former Philadelphian. McDowell installed a narrative exhibition beautifully documenting a brief introduction of the farm, her personal experiences as well as ongoing projects in Tamworth, NH. Also on view are found objects and personal belongings from the farm such as vintage tools, garden books, preserves and maps, to name a few, casually installed around a work desk constructed by the artist.

More Location Info: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

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Done Like Dundee, Gone Like Gandhi Blog Features ROOT

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Art in the Age - ROOT Liqueur
I love moments like this... meandering your way through experimentation until a solid cocktail is found. I got a bottle of ROOT liqueur from my good friend Virginia Lee for Christmas last year. I brought the bottle to Tonic with three ROOT cocktail recipes ready to test out.  My guinea pigs? Tonic employees who were going to be sitting down to have their shift drink anyway.

I first undertook the Rootini. While the name itself sends shivers down my spine (see Derek Brown’s Goodbye to '80s Bartending Trends entry #1) I decided to give it whirl. Here’s the ingredients:

The Rootini

2 oz ROOT liqueur
½ oz Navan
Splash of heavy cream
Granulated sugar

Glassware: chilled martini glass

Begin chilling down a martini glass. In a shaker, add ice and 2 oz of ROOT liqueur. Add ½ oz of Navan and a splash of heavy cream. Rim the chilled martini glass with the granulated sugar. Shake the ingredients vigorously in the shaker and pour straight up into the martini glass.

So this cocktail received a mixed response. Some people hated it. Some people didn’t mind it. Those two reactions told me it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. OR this cocktail will need time for a little more experimentation to hit the right flavors.

I worked on this particular drink throughout the evening when I could. Then, as things began to wind down, I thought about the ROOT and ginger beer cocktail I’d seen. So I decided to start off simply putting ROOT with Gosling’s Ginger Beer. The result was great and it got a good reception from everybody. My bar manager, Doug, called it "a great summer drink." So keep this in mind when the warm weather comes back to DC.  I'll keep experimenting. 

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Is that right? Features Narragansett

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Green Monster Truck Rally - Red Sox Truck Day

These are the photographs I took Friday at the Green Monster Truck
Rally. Also known as Red Sox Truck Day.

I met Jenney at the Pru (where I was properly chastised for being late
& keeping a lady waiting - my mother would not approve) and we walked
over to Fenway Park (or Pahk) with winter warmers from Dunkin' Donuts.

We walked around the whole stadium to find the truck. I was amazed
that it had been painted as it was; I thought it would have magnetic
siding at best. Jenney & I got free ballcaps & foam fingers promoting
the event.

Clammy & Gansett of Narragansett Beer fame were on hand, as was Wally!
Jenney wanted a photo with her & Wally, and would not be denied.

The media got to interview the truck driver out on the street, and he
gladly told his story. It was an honor to be chosen to drive that
truck, he said, and quite a privilege. Damn skippy it is!

Then the truck was off, and a flatbed with Wally & Red Sox Ambassadors
followed. The ambassadors starting chucking baseballs at the crowd,
causing a moment's concern. However, the balls turned out to be foam
rubber & quite harmless.

You can also see my YouTube videos, including the truck convoy rolling out.

Go Red Sox!

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Wicked Features Narragansett

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Tim Brewster and Eric Spitz raise a pint at the Surly Johnson Bar and Grill in Raynham.

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