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Snap to It: Art in the Age Goes On Sale

When I moved, last weekend,  I forced myself to throw a TON of stuff out, and start fresh with new, uniquely designed day-to-day tools, and to spruce up my essentials with easy tricks to revamp, rescent, reinvent and rehydrate your new life.

To ReVamp: Ghost Nest by Courtney Cachet Drawer Pulls: If your new kitchen is a little bleh, or you want to pop some color on your dresser, drawer pulls from Courtney Cachet’s Everyday Fabulous line create will instantly create an inexpensive and personalized look.  Mix ‘em & match ‘em to avoid having to buy a new dresser when you start to get that stir-crazy feeling! Watch Cachet explain, where you can see the knobs to size, here.  $6.50 – $9.50 / knob

To ReScent: Taracco Pillar Candles: Give your home that signature aroma that evokes a welcoming environment for guests, lovers & cable dudes. Beautiful soy pillar candles, with a citrusy scent, will liven up the senses & result dance parties, without fail.  3×9 pillar $28

To Reinvent Entertaining: Home Infatuation Recyclable/Biodegradable/Disposable Place mats: For the new casa, stop being so serious! Dinner parties are meant to be fun, functional & totally comfortable. Invest in these 100% cotton disposable place mats and napkins, with stain resistant finish that protects them against many spills. $29 – $75

To ReHydrate: Mavea Water Filter: Within weeks of use, water filer pitchers become grime-tastic, and require more & more wash frequency as they get older.  I say, ditch the old filter in the move – and entertain your new kitchen with a jazzy ruby-red take on the classic. MAVEA Elemaris pitchers are available standard sized (5 glass) pitchers [$34.99] and XL sized (9 glass) [$39.99] — to put a spin on your hydration.

By Ashley of The Luxury Spot

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