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Philadelphia City Paper's Critical Mass Blog Hypes Art in the Age

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Make candle holders or watch RuPaul’s Drag Race … decisions, decisions.

Every Tuesday, Critical Mass pokes around the art blog world so you don’t have to.

— I’m going through a phase where I can’t get enough of that shmarmy music played during romantic ’90s movies. Something about the Spinto Band’s cover of “Brazil” for Art in the Age makes me think of Ray-Bans on Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei in a one piece.

— Speaking of future snow, you may want to whip out this little DIY ditty from Free People before the next power outage. The fancy light from these purty little candles may help wane the pain of missing RuPaul’s Drag Race.

— The mavens over at Shmitten Kitten have once again stumbled upon a fun little site to share with other rowdy singles. Ex-Boyfriend Dead Letter Office solves one glaring problem of the Internet – a place to go to anonymously rant and rave about your now insignificant other. It may not be a solution to world peace, but it’s something.

— The old adage, “You learn something new everyday,” was never more true thanks to PW Style. Like, did you know that Johnny Depp has a lazy eye? File that under “flaws that only men can pull off and still be sexy,” along with peg legs and cute little stutters.

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