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You all know I love a good cocktail. We drink some fancy concoctions around here, which Kenn often writes about on his blog, Cocktailia.

I wanted to share this particular bit of heaven. A group of artists in Philly have recreated a spirit that has not been in production since the early 20th century, called Root. Apparently, this one-time liquor ceased being produced during prohibition and eventually evolved into what we now know as root beer. The original liquor was lost, but thanks to the fine folks at Art in the Age, it’s back.

It is truly divine stuff, very much a root beer flavor but much more herbal and grown up. We had some last night mixed with ginger beer and it was delish. The old timey paper straws are courtesy of my dear friend Jen.

If you like inspiring cocktails, hop over to Cocktailia and see what we’ve been drinking!

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