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AITA on Communitee


Two things. (1) Have you ever seen a tee quite like that!? (Top) That's definately one for the people out there who like to be noticed. It's very cool, not sure I could pull it off myself though. (2)Awesome beards. You may have noticed that i have somewhat of a penchant for beards. I've invested alot of time in training my own facial hair over the years so any chance i get to admire some fellow beard wearers is a pleasure. (Tip: If you want to get your shirts noticed then get a bearded model) .Which brings me nicely on to the t shirt at the bottom, well what can i say, it features a beard, its a nice image. Ideal for the people out their who struggle to grow more than bum fluff. The t shirt above the beard is one of my faves, i love the whole random sketchyness, has a kinda Jeff Lewis feel to it which always works for me.

Oh yeah, by the way, these shirts are from Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction based in the US of A. Definately putting the art into tshirts. That's pretty much what I like to see. I'm a simple man with simple needs.
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Here's a site and company that confused the hell out of me. They sent me so much literature I was overwhelmed and put it aside for a rainy day when I had time to sit down and read it all. Well it didn't rain today, but it is a Saturday, so I took a look.

_Price: $36_
This apparition of a bicycle gear, stark silver on black like a star in the night and reminiscent of a style popular for death metal bands, might figure as a beacon of hope or giggle at us from the point of no return.

The Peace Gear Crew
_Price: $40_
If you are a sneaker nerd, it goes perfectly with the classic Air Max '95 in grey and highlighter green. If your style icon is Donatella Versace, knot it up in the back and wear it with your 4" gladiator stilettos.

The company is called Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. This collection comes out of a collaboration with artists, an idea which springs out of a revolt for the mass-produced, factory and sweatshop made merchandise that is so prevalent in our culture today. The artists work on a freelance basis and so they give their "real" work and not just something they think can sell. You can read bios on the artists on their website and learn more about the company.

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AITA: New T-Shirts - Fat Seagull


Got a mail from these guys today, look to have some pretty good shirts on offer. Generally a hand printed affair, which I am sure gives them a great quality - A couple coming in the post for review so expect to see more on them soon...but in the meantime check out these designs and check out their store
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Our name, taken from a good man; Walter Benjamin, and put between two stacks of smoke. Yo, guys, art and industry can work together!
And here's what they have to say about themselves:
Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction, which takes its name from Walter Benjamin's landmark 1934 essay, is a clothing company that truly collaborates with actual artists rather than of just telling them what to do. Our artists work on a freelance basis and so they give us their "real" work and not just something they think can sell. Our artist / collaborators see our company as a way of delivering an original and thought-provoking message to a public who is tired of being spoon-fed slop by nameless corporations. See it all at

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Sailor Jerry Converse on Fashion Style You


Sailor Jerry (1911-1973) was born Norman Collins, he became a sailor at the age of 19 and traveled the world.
During in his time as a sailor he got his first tattoos and gained exposure to the art and imagery of Southeast Asia which became a crucial influence when he opened his first tattoo shop in Honolulu's Chinatown, sailors, drunken soldiers and whoever else wasn't afraid to hang around the district, became his early customers.
As with the work of any great artist, every one of Sailor Jerry's designs reflects an extra level of depth, some detail that communicates more than the content would indicate.
Converse have taken a number of Sailor Jerry's designs and launched a limited edition range of footwear based on them.

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Philadelphia Magazine's Pulse Report features Art in the Age


Pulse Report

Also just opened: Besides its eponymous born-in-Philly, starving-artist-friendly t-shirt line, Old City's Art in the Age stocks minimalist apparel it promises you won't find anywhere else around here: men's hooded jackets from NSF, leggings from Effie's Heart, coffee-table books, and a smattering of scents from CB Perfumes, all in a throwback apothecary setting. 116 North 3rd Street, 215-922-2600,

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Heads Up! Sailor Jerry Glasses


Make your next booze party stewed, screwed and tattooed with this set of 4 pin-up inspired shot glasses. These ladies (Kim, Ginger, Betty and Rose) will make that dark rum look even more inviting. Shots away, mateys!"

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