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DrinkBoston Promotes Hendrick's Contest


"Hendrick's and limericks"
The limerick's structure somewhat
necessitates *eloquent* smut.
If you haven't the time
to learn meter and rhyme,
then don't write them, you ignorant slut.

- From the top 150 limericks on LimerickDB
Finally, a contest for those yearning to combine their mixology and rhyming skills. The Hendrick's Beantown Bartender Battle is putting out the call to all Boston-area mixologists - from those who pour booze for a living to those who have never mixed a drink outside their kitchen - for original recipes using Hendrick's gin. Recipes can use up to six ingredients, but Hendrick's must serve as the base. The cocktail also must highlight one of the 13 botanicals used in the gin: cucumber, rose petal, elderflower, chamomile, juniper berry, caraway seed, coriander, cubeb berry, orris root, lemon peel, orange peel, meadowsweat, and angelica. (Anyone who highlights cubeb berry should get extra credit.)

Submissions are due Wednesday, July 23, and should be emailed to Hendrick's brand ambassador Charlotte Voisey at

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VH1's Best Week Ever and an Unusual Miniature Horse


QUANDRY: If you had a miniature horse, would you actually take it to Denny's? Or would you do what is logical and begin and end the day in the Rainbow Room? Look how effing fancy he is. This is a disgrace. (The Unusual Times)

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Fine Books Blog Posts About The Unusual Times


How Cool Is Blogging

All the big ad agencies are developing blog strategies for their clients. Apparently, if your product hasn't been mentioned in a blog, you're on the road to bankruptcy.

Yesterday, my wife and I received FIVE - count 'em, 5 - green boxes with odd labels. Actually, two were addressed to Fine Books contributors, two to my wife, and one for me. In each box we found a small bottle of Hendrick's gin, a cucumber, and a card with a web address.

Originally, we only opened the ones addressed to us, but once we realized gin - our alcoholic beverage of choice (I've had two today - it was a rough day) - was enclosed, we purloined all five. I'm sure the other Fine Books folks probably didn't want theirs, but I'm not about to ask.

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The Unusual Times on Garden Rant


How to Make a Blogger Very, Very Happy in One Easy Step

1. Send her free gin.

2. There is no #2.

Seriously, folks. It's a one-step, no-brainer, guaranteed zinger of a promotion idea.

Best of all, I have two blogs, so I got two packages just like this.

A shot of Hendrick's and a cucumber, along with a little card sending me to their website. (Note to PR people: witness the lack of a press kit.) Hendrick's was already one of my two favorite gins (Beefeater being the one most likely to be found in our freezer, and Hendrick's being the one I'm most likely to order when I'm out somewhere), but hey, send enough of it to me for free and it will become my one and only.

I can be plied with booze.

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The Unusual Times, The City Paper, and a Must See Kneading Video


I got what you want / got what you knead ...

Monday, June 30th, 2008 at 11:12 am

posted by Drew Lazor

This important - message? - is brought to you by The Unusual Times, the amazing marketing/lifestyle arm of the best gin ever. Internationally speaking, at least.

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Art in the Age & Times New Viking Awesomeness on Perlabra!



Thanks to Art in the Age of Reproduction for showering my inbox this morning with Times New Viking's new limited edition poster & tee. $28 bux; I think I'm going to have to splurge on this one."

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