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Art in the NO AGE on Hide Your Arms


String Break by Art in the No Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Yes, this tee is by Art in the Age of Reproduction, and no, I haven't made an error in the title, although I do think that if Art in the Age and No Age team up for a collaboration that that should have dropped the 'the' from the title. "Art in No Age of Mechanical Reproduction," see? Much cleaner!

I've never actually heard of No Age, an experimental rock/pop punk/noisepop/powerpop/shoegaze (<-- whaa??!!)/what do genre labels even mean anymore... band from Los Angeles before I found out about this tee collaboration, but I think I stopped knowing what was cool in the music world a long time ago when I unsubscribed from Stereogum and decided that I quite liked 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavigne.

The tee itself has a kinda grimy punk quality to it. At first I didn't actually find it all that appealing, and as a tee on its own it hasn't really grown on me, but I reckon that if it were being worn by someone with a bit of a rocker look that it would be pretty badass.

Costiness=$28 Men's tee/Women's Tee

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Serious Eats is Serious about Hendrick's


Hendrick's Gin: An Old Standby in the New Generation of Gins

On occasion, I've touched on the different types of gin now populating the shelves of your local liquor stores. Many of them are in the growing class of so-called "new generation" gins. That is, less traditional dry gins that, while still flavored with juniper berries, push other botanicals front and center, so the taste is less juniper-forward like old-school gins such as Tanqueray, and more herbal, floral, or citrusy.
One of the first, and almost certainly the most popular, in this gin wave is Hendrick's. Made in Scotland, and with a delicate flavor that features cucumber and rose petals more prominently than juniper, Hendrick's is marketed in a distinctive black bottle that calls to mind apothecaries of the Victorian era-a time of croquet and cucumber sandwiches in the rose garden, all characteristics that Hendrick's savvy marketers have used to good effect.
With a bright, floral aroma and a crisp, complex flavor, Hendrick's is a very easy gin for ginophobes to embrace. In a martini, Hendrick's benefits from light vermouth. The more vermouth-heavy martinis growing popular at haute cocktail bars have a better balance when made with a more assertive gin like Plymouth, whereas with Hendrick's, the floral interplay can get overwhelming. Substituting Lillet for vermouth creates the right balance, and in delicately-flavored gin drinks and highballs such as the gin rickey, Hendrick's is a fine choice.
- Paul Clarke

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Rank My Tattoos features Sailor Jerry in their Top Five Tattoo Couture Designers


Tattoo Designs as Couture Fashion
By Diego Lucille
Sailor Jerry

Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins (1911-1973) is considered among many as the reigning American tattoo artist of his time. His artwork epitomizes the old-world sailor tattoo: winking maidens with shapely thighs and pert knockers, ships on the bounding main, skulls, red roses and taunting women embracing serpents - respectively. In 1999, protégés and tattoo legends Don Ed Hardy and Mike Malone partnered with a Philadelphia clothing company to establish Sailor Jerry Ltd., producing clothing and other items such as ash trays and shot glasses. The company also makes batches of 92-proof spiced rum featuring a Sailor Jerry hula girl on the label.

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City Paper - What We Heart - Sailor Jerry!


What We Heart

by Rebecca Grites

$24 at Sailor Jerry, 116-118 S. 13th St., 215-531-6380,

Hey hot pants, keep your thong to yourself with the help of Sailor Jerry's tattoo-art-inspired belt buckles. Unlike tattooed sailors, these polished zinc beauties - which range from 3.5 to 4 inches wide - will give you a reason to keep the jeans on. Based off flash by Mr. Jerry himself, aka Norman Collins, the pieces are brought to life - and your waist - by in-house designer Chi Kim. The Skull Fly design keeps things gritty with a skeleton over a black butterfly, while the cheeky True Love Hearts appeal to a (slightly) softer side."

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Sailor Jerry Invades Las Vegas City Life


Sailor Jerry invades the Double Down Saloon at 9 p.m. August 26 for another rum-soaked, trade show bash. This edition features Sub Pop signee No Age and Alabama's Thomas Function. A limited amount of free wristbands for admission will be available at Cash 4 Chaos (4110 S. Maryland Parkway) on Aug. 25...."

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