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Book Review - The Evil Empire: 101 Ways That England Ruined the World


Rather than still his snarkiness by merely designing ads-Steven Grasse runs the Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) agency out of Philadelphia-directing videos (A Perfect Circle; Eagles of Death Metal) and producing B-movies (Bikini Bandits), the author has now taken on Dear Old Blighty with his first book. Grasse doesn't like the U.K. And he wants reparations, to boot.

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Slashfood Deciphers Hendrick's Gin


"Gin Notes: Hendrick's Gin"

Hendrick's Gin is 44% abv. / 88 proof and is distilled in Scotland. I tasted Hendrick's for the first time around 7-8 years or more ago when I stopped by the New Hampshire state liquor store on my way to vacation in Maine. What attracted my attention was the same thing that everyone else in the world notices about Hendrick's. The squat, very dark brown that it's almost black, apothecary style bottle. That and then I noticed the price. It was on sale ridiculously cheap because it had just made it onto the shelves and was being first introduced. I had heard of it just recently and been wanting to try it and at half the normal price this was a steal. So I bought a bottle and figured that if it was good I could pick up a few more on sale when I headed back to NY, something which I later did.

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Sailor Jerry on Daily Candy's Weekend Guide



Jay Reatard

What: Garage punk craziness, plus free drinks from Sailor Jerry and Triumph Brewery.

Why: Hell, get Reatarded.

When: Fri., 6:30 p.m.

Where: Sailor Jerry, 116-118 S. 13th St. (215-531-6380).

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Sailor Jerry on Philadelphia Weekly


Sailor Jerry Rum

Sailor Jerry's rum embraces the true old-timey sailor aesthetic (it's hard and vile and has roots in a Hawaiian tattoo parlor), and yet embodies the trendy New Wave sailor chic that bands are ripping off left and right. It's the dirt-cheap price that first draws you in. But when you're at the liquor store and that damn man-whore Captain Morgan is doing everything he can to get in your pants, and that suspicious-looking Admiral Nelson is eying you like a randy rent boy, whom will you choose? The sailor. Exactly. It's what Popeye drinks. Forget whiskey. Show up drinking straight rum and dudes are gonna be impressed. (Jeremy Butman)

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Curt Detweiler Has Great Taste


Hats off to Curt Detweiler, Creative Director at TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles. The guy sure knows how to dress (and we think he's pretty talented to boot). Detweiler served as guest reviewer in the July issue of Creativity and he's wearing a Sailor Jerry anchor tee. Lovely.

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Yippee. FEARnet Work Won a Prize.


Well what do you know...we won a major award.

And while we wish to high heaven that it was one of those cool fishnet-clad leg lamps like Ralphie's dad won in "A Christmas Story," it turns out it's a regular award from Promax for our work on Comcast FEARnet.

Yes, that's right folks. We took home a bronze in the Promotional Items Campaign category.
Hurrah for us. And hurray for Comcast FEARnet.

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