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Logo Warz Cont'd.: Wake Me Up Before You Logo


How many interns did it take to come up with the new Steven Singer logo? One and all of ten minutes, generous? Quaker City Mercantile's new look for Steven Singer Jewelers doesn't have the same wack charm of the original I HATE STEVEN SINGER branding. To pop on a billboard these days, you have to think on the retarded side. This is what happens when the responsible intern who always remembers to bring a cardigan to the office to fight the AC is the only one to turn something in on time. But what of logo artisanry do we know, placing third worst on the list? That the Phils are doomed no matter what we do and we never have to utter the words "art school" when disclosing our backgrounds. It's a trade-off. Press release after the jump...

"We Love Steven Singer's New Logo
Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) Unveils New
Steven Singer Logo
Philadelphia, PA - Monday, August 27, 2007

-It might have just gotten a lot harder to hate Philadelphia jeweler Steven Singer. After winning the Philly's Worst Logo contest sponsored by area advertising shop Quaker City Mercantile, Singer received his first place prize today, a brand new logo. The new logo, designed pro bono by the agency's bang-up team of summer interns, aims to replace Steven Singer's decades-old logo. The jewelry business' fantastically awful old logo was voted the worst logo in all of Philadelphia in an online poll held two weeks ago, accruing 71,783 votes. Geno's and blog site Philebrity placed second and third place respectively, with the Full Moon Salon bringing up the rear placing fourth. Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) hopes that Steven Singer will decide to replace his current, horribly 80's logo with Quaker City Mercantile's newly designed, timelessly classic version. Sort of makes you wish more design places did pro bono work, doesn't it?"

Check out the unveiling video and Quaker City Mercantile's new Steven Singer logo at

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