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Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) hates the logo, but it doesn't hate Steven Singer


We've all seen the billboards on I-95 that scream, "I hate Steven Singer." Now the advertising campaign, which plays on a married man's dislike of having to shell out money on stuff like jewelry, has gotten another kind of notice.

The jeweler's look has been voted "Philly's Worst Logo" by the Philadelphia advertising agency Quaker City Mercantile.

Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) said the logo looks like a "scary blotch that reminds us of 'Miami Vice' and a fingerprint.

"Steven Singer thinks it's OK to hate him. In fact, he's based an entire ad campaign on it. But apparently people hate his logo, too," the agency said.

Quaker City Mercantile's "prize" for having the worst logo is total makeover of the logo.

The makeover is a summer project of Quaker City Mercantile's interns.

"We'll then present Steven Singer with the re-design, which he can then feel free to use for future signage, marketing materials, etc.," Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) said. "Isn't that nice of us?"

Steven Singer, the man, indicated that he was actually flattered by the attention from Quaker City Mercantile. And why not? His ad campaign has already garnered notice in the Wall Street Journal and by literally thousands of drivers a day.

"He tends toward outrageous," said Singer's spokeswoman, Laurel Fairworth, adding that he found Quaker City Mercantile's award humorous.

To borrow a well-worn PR phrase, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

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