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Hello, Dirty Sailor!


Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) boasts a funk new lifestyle campaign for their Sailor Jerry brand.

Among Quaker City Mercantile's many entrepreneurial activities is the Sailor Jerry clothing and liquor brand, which boasts a funky new lifestyle campaign. The photography-cum-logo, which will be seen as in-store signage and as ads in the Japanese and European markets, features what the agency calls the "borderline narrative/documentary style" of Michael Dwornik.

"He captures the authenticity and essence of what our Sailor Jerry brand is all about," says Quaker City Mercantile (formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) CD Steven Grasse. So what's it all about? Art director Nick Paparone says, "Sailor Jerry is whiskey, beer, cigarettes, sex, tattoos, music and dirt. It's a dirty, drunk old man who's seen more shit than a toilet." Pare down that last line a little and is it a killer tag or what!? "What we're striving for is authenticity," adds Grasse. "Our goal is to respect and protect the integrity of the artist, Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins - which means we want to do the opposite of what Von Dutch did. No cheesy trucker hats on people like Britney, Paris or Fred Durst. Hopefully, what we shot reflects that goal." See for the lowdown on the man billed as the "godfather of old-school tattoo art."

Client: Sailor Jerry
Agency: Quaker City MercantileWorldwide, Philadelphia
CD: Steve Grasse
AD: Nick Paparone
Photographer: Michael Dwornik

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