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The Philadelphia City Paper's Meal Ticket Blog Reports on our Vanity Fair Feature!

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Quaker City Mercantile was known in its former life as Gyro Worldwide, a Philadelphia advertising firm operating on the mantra “consumption, free living, and hedonistic disregard”.   Gyro founder Steven Grasse altered his course from promoting mass consumption to do something “more benevolent and meaningful.”  More benevolent, in this case, was the creation of Sailor Jerry rum, Hendrick’s Gin and ROOT liqueur.


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Newsweek Publishes Article Inspired By Evil Empire

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Nearly three years after its release, mainstream culture is still fascinated by our best-selling book, The Evil Empire: 101 Ways that England Ruined the World. And with the world in the in the shape it's in today, who could resist a controversial read that blames England for everything? Certainly not Newsweek! Recently, they published a curious article titled, "Did Britain Wreck the World?" The piece closely examines seven of the world's most infamous conflicts and reveals that England is behind every single one.

If it sounds like Newsweek lifted a page directly from The Evil Empire, that's because they most certainly did! That's what happens when you write a great book: you continuously influence mega news publications year after year.

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The Walrus
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RECENT EXCERPT: “'Watch the Waves” is a somewhat new direction for Victoria Bergsman’s post-Concretes project Taken By Trees. It’s just as fragile, but far more exoctic, employing some island rhythms courtesy of Studio’s Dan Lissvik who produced the new album from which the song is taken. It’s nice to hear her branching out into new territory, not to...”  [read more of this post and others on The Walrus]

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Narragansett Beer Takes You Back to The Future on AdRants

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Radio spots for beer, strike that, radio spots in general, suck. You can count the number of great campaigns on one hand. I'd even go as far as to say that the level of suckitude on radio is disproportionately suckier than it is for TV. That said, there's something intriguing about these new radio spots for Narragansett beer. They remixed their old radio spots from the 1950s and infused them with a modern trance-dub vibe. you can check out all the spots here from Quaker City Mercantile (formerly Gyro Worldwide).

Radio spots for beer, strike that, radio spots in general, suck. You can count the number of great spots on one hand. I'd even go as far as to say that the level of suckitude on radio is disproportionately suckier than it is for TV.

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Narragansette featured on

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What's Old is New Again

Quaker City Mercantile (the Philadelphia agency formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) has been busy reinvigorating the Narragansett Beer brand.

Given the brand's rich history in New England, it made sense to mine the archives and that's what QCM did.


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Narragansett and QCM on Adrants

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Agency Diversifies with Stake in Narragansett Beer

OK so we trashed Gyro Worldwide for changing their name to Quaker City Mercentile but the agency is definitely onto something. We all know the ad industry is in a serious state of crash and burn. Spending is down. Layoffs are up. Agencies are dying.

What do smart investment advisers always tell you? Diversify. Yes, diversify. Don't put all your eggs in one basket and that's just what QCM is doing. It's got a series of books. It's produced films. It has a brand of rum, Sailor Jerry. And now the agency has taken a major stake in New England's Narragansett Brewery. Yup. The agency is making beer now.

Of course being an ad agency. QCM has developed a new campiagn for the brand which includes collateral, surfboard and airplane banners, radio, TV and a line of 'Gansett clothing. See the work here.

And additional part of the campaign is a petition to bring the brewery back to its roots. Originally brewed in Rhode Island, the beer is now brewed in Rochester. The petition aims to build support and solicit funding for a new brewery in the beer's home state.

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