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Philadelphia Weekly Features Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

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BLUEREDYELLOW Natural Dye House: What’s old is new

Recently established local dye house BLUEREDYELLOW held a great dye workshop this past Thursday at Art in the Age, where their red, blue, and yellow-dyed garments have recently been picked up (as well as necklaces and scents). Elissa Meyers and Mira Adornetto, the affable pair behind the brand, showcased their processes for creating hand-dyed garments using natural, locally grown pigments and ancient dying techniques. After, the sizable crowd was led through the process of dyeing kerchiefs (supplied) using a five gallon fermented indigo vat, some gloves, and a bag of rubber bands. Find out more after the jump.

Lemme tell ya, I tie-dyed something once back at a YMCA day camp, and I wasn’t nearly as taken with the process, nor end result as I was dyeing with BLUEREDYELLOW. Dyeing with fermented indigo (a living thing!) is a heck of a lot different than doing it with Rit Dye, that’s for sure. The pair grows their own marigolds, madder root, and of course indigo, in a South Philly plot, and sources their cotton from Deer Lake, PA. On top of that, they place their used-up dye materials into precious bottles and string them for jewelry(!). Check them out either at Art in the Age at 116 N 3rd Street, or on their website.

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Philadelphia Magazine Features Art in the Age

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This event has now passed. Check out other events in our calendar.
Full disclosure: There was a time when we wore Birkenstocks and tried hopelessly to strum tunes on our boyfriend’s guitar. Though we’ve since retired our sandals and flowing paisley frocks, we still are inexplicably drawn to tie-dye: Its whirling patterns, its splashy colors. Thankfully, BLUEREDYELLOW—the Philly-based design and natural dye house—is bringing the technique once relegated to dreadlocked Deadheads to a whole new sophisticated and (dare we say it?) chic level. Founders Elissa Meyers and Mira Adornetto are taking their craft to hip haven Art in the Age with a workshop in which they’ll demonstrate the natural dyeing process and help you dip-dye a handkerchief.  Supplies (and hankies) are included, but be sure to wear old duds. (Psst: RSVP soon, as spots are limited!)
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Blink and You'll Miss It: Special One-Night-Only Events at J.Karma and Art in the Age

J.Karma Boutique's Summer Shoe Blow-Out Event is Thursday, June 23, from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.  The Old City boutique is readying itself for a downsize by phasing out its inventory of footwear by Big Buddha, Jeffrey Campbell, Clarks, and more -- shop the sale before shoes disappear from the boutique for good.  Shoes and sandals will be marked down by as much as 75 percent, while select handbags and jewelry will be 20 percent off during the event.  Further sweetening the deal, J.Karma will be doling out complimentary cupcakes and summery cocktails.

Old City's Art in the Age is hosting a free Natural Dye House Workshop on Thursday, June 23, from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. The founders of Blueredyellow, a Philadelphia-based design and natural dye house, will demonstrate natural dyeing techniques; event-goers will be invited to dip-dye their own handkerchief into a naturally-fermented vat of indigo dye.  The workshop is free to attend, but space is limited -- R.S.V.P. to Daniel[at]

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The Conscious Cocktail Features SNAP

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Kadaife in a Snap
By Sharon | Published: June 16, 2011

So for as much as I do not like reading or writing about cocktails, I am anxiously waiting to get my mits on a bottle of Snap.  I tried a taste last week and it is exactly what I have been waiting for to make my dream cocktail, inspired by kadaife, one of my favorite desserts.  After over a year of searching, I was finally able to locate a package of shredded phyllo, which resembles shredded wheat, to make kadaife at home (since none of the Middle Eastern restaurants in New Orleans serve it, apparently).  The dessert was just as amazing as I remember it though still a pain in the ass to make. It is chock full of butter and sugar, has a great texture that is crunchy as well as sticky and sweet, some beautiful spice, and the saltiness of nuts.  It is pretty much the perfect dessert.

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Less Than Five Pairs of These Discounted Designer Denim Shorts Remain at Art in the Age

Make a beeline to the sale rack at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, and you'll find a great deal on Lauren Moffatt's Roebling Denim Short (Moffatt is an Abington native and a graduate of Chestnut Hill College).  Originally $208, the 100 percent cotton shorts have been marked down to $98. But hurry: we only spotted four pairs remaining, a size two, a size six, and two size fours.

For more Philly deals and promos, view The Feast/Shop's latest Salescast.

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Thanks to everyone who came out to see Time, Space, and The Final Frontier last Friday at Art in the Age. What a blast! Photos by Yusuf Muhammad.


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