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Blades Natural Beauty at Art in the Age

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Trying to stay away from scary chemicals in your food?

There’s another super-obvious place many chemicals are hiding – our beauty products.

Blades Natural Beauty at Art in the Age

Stop by Art in the Age on Thursday, March 27th from 6:30-8:30pm with natural beauty expert Jessa Blades of Blades Natural Beauty.

They’ll discuss how to keep your skin glowing naturally with wellness and makeup/natural beauty demos as you sip on homemade teas & Art in the Age spritzers will be provided.

Have questions about what types of products you should try and what chemicals you should avoid like the plague? Jessa will answer questions and demonstrate how to apply makeup for both day and night.

Space is limited – RSVP to to reserve your spot. Sharing is caring – Bring a friend, too!

Art in the Age, 116 N 3rd St., Phila, PA

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You're Invited! Blades Natural Beauty Discussion & Demo at Art in the Age

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With Spring and Summer coming quickly, what better time to talk about natural beauty, skin healing, and easy make up tricks for both day and night? Natural beauty and make up expert Jessa Blades of Blades Natural Beauty will be at Art in the Age on Thursday, March 27th from 6:30 to 8:30pm discussion wellness and sharing tips and tricks on how to keep your natural glow all year long. Space is limited so RSVP to to reserve your spot! Click here to check out the Facebook event.

Art in the Age
116 N 3rd St.

Thurs, March 24


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Philly in 36 Hours

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I was in Philly for a couple days. I had pretty much an afternoon to visit some shops and eat. Whenever I travel, I get recommendations from locals and friends so that I'm prepared. No time to waste on crappy food and tourist traps. I recommend the following based on the few hours I had to walk around while I wasn't working :) I'll be back to explore more, until next time Philly. 

Vagabond | 37 N3rd St. 
Cutest boutique around, got myself in some trouble in there. Great selection of clothes, be sure to check out their vintage collection in the back. 

Art in the Age | 116 N3rd St. 
Menswear primarily, a great selection of goods including some of my pals (Morris Kitchen and Blades Natural Beauty). Snap is delicious! 

Moon & Arrow | 754 S4th St. 
A great mix of vintage clothing, used furniture, jewelry and home goods. 

Zahav | 237 Saint James Place
Based on everyones recommendations, this middle eastern restaurant did not disappoint. Hummus, labne, yummy salads, fresh baked bread. Nom. 

La Colombe Coffee | 130 S19th St. 
One of my favorite coffee distributors :)

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Party Idea: A Create-Your-Own Cocktail Bar

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Last night (Friday) was a wonderful, glorious girls' night. I never had girlfriends until recently and I don't understand how I survived for so long without them. (Some thoughts on that here.) We're all pretty creative ladies so thinking of fun ideas kept me awake at night. What are we supposed to do, drink some Black Russians, pop in a rom com, play cards and call it a night? No. Our hands must create. Glancing over at my overflowing liquor cabinet, my mind devised this plan: a create-your-own cocktail bar. BOOM.
It seems like such a simple idea but it is one that is open to endless possibilities of ending so poorly. Not enough booze, not enough possible combinations, too much booze,  not enough blackberries... For my first little make-your-own bar night, I think it went pretty well. Here's what I learned:
The most important thing to remember is variety, variety, variety. Some are whiskey girls. Some are vodka girls. Some like gin. Others enjoy champagne. Find your staples but don't make it boring. Find a good balance of liquors and liqueurs. Variety doesn't stop at the hard beverages though! Include many different choices for mixers. Tonic water and pineapple juice are staples but why not branch out a little more? Pomegranate juice and Blood Orange San Pellegrino were big hits. Fresh fruit and herbs are also a must-have. They're good for muddling as well as garnishing. The more unexpected, the better. We loved having lychees and starfruit on hand.

Sharing is to be encouraged. The name of the game is to try as many combinations as you can without getting too... tipsy. This is why we share. It's fun tasting concoctions that you never would have thought of conjuring up.

Never underestimate the power of having extra ice handy. I didn't think this through and ended up running back and forth from the fridge in the kitchen to the dining room table many times. It's not a far trek but it's also not conducive to party-time conversation. Yelling into the other room over the buzz and clatter of falling ice cubes falling into a glass vase is not a good look for anyone. Have plenty for the glasses as well as the shaker.
I'll definitely be doing this again. It was so much. Just remember to drink responsibly and if you have to, hide the car keys. 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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To Do: Art in the Age in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia’s where it all began (our founders launched the company there after meeting at Wharton) so we’ve got a special spot for the city.

We recently spruced up and expanded our showroom—inside one of our favorite shops, Art in the Age—so we skipped down there last Thursday to celebrate the new look.

We toasted the evening with spirits from the store’s distillery, gave the new buildout a trial run, and took plenty of photos in the Poseybooth photo booth. (There is a lot more evidence on Facebook. If you stopped by, see if we got a photo of you!)

Thanks to all who joined us! If you missed us on Thursday night, not to worry—you can visit Art in the Age any time to browse for some new frames.



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Pumped Up Over Products Made in Philly

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