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The Dapper Hypes ROOT

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Art in the Age
To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how to put what Art in the Age does into words. But I like it…a lot.

Their full name, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, was inspired by an essay written by Walter Benjamin in 1936 entitled The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, in which Benjamin “mourns the loss of ‘the aura’, the moment of awe seizing the first time beholder of a singular work of art.” He argues that “forces of commercialization have subject ‘the aura’ to a perverse transmutation of value, resulting in cheapened ‘cult value’.” Inspired by his piece, Art in the Age is “determined to prove the possibility of increased artistic accessibility across cultural forms without the sacrifice of value.”

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Cocktails and Cordials features AITA ROOT Video

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A Video Tour of Your Liquor Closet

By Nick Nemeth

Post-Tales, I had planned a multitude of postings regarding successful branding and whatnot for spirit companies… particularly during events like Tales of the Cocktail. However, for now I’m going to leave it at this — While events like the Plymouth Bartender’s Breakfast are among the favourites of nearly everyone in attendance, what’s the ROI for the brands? After dumping that much money into an event, do they actually connect with their customers? Do they convert many new sales? …Probably not

With the advance of social media tools like Youtube, brands have been able to broadcast their product’s imagery and messages to a more dedicated group of viewers, and are generating content that resonates with audiences. Of the many you can find online, below are just a few of my favourites.

4. Art in the Age Root Liqueur – “The Story of Root” (1:45)
I posted about this one a little while back. While I only got my first chance to taste Root Liqueur at Tales a month or so ago, the brand’s involvement in a multitude of different social venues has made it one that’s pretty hard to miss. When I saw this little informational video on their website, I thought it was pretty hard not to love.

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My Jello Creates SNAPricot Cobbler Jello Shot

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SNAPricot Cobbler

(ginger) SNAP
Apricot Syrup
Fresh Apricot
Molasses Dough, baked with raw sugar atop


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Booze Dancing Blog features ROOT N' Stormy Recipe

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Booze Review - Root N' Stormy

Two weeks ago, I picked up a bottle of Root, which is the modern interpretation of a Native American beverage called root tea. By the mid 1800s, root tea became increasingly complex and the alcohol content began to escalate. Once the Temperance Movement (aka No Fun MF’ers!) gained momentum, Charles Hires, a Philadelphia pharmacist, took the alcohol out of root tea and created root beer (Hires Root Beer was introduced at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia).

The people at Art in the Age thought it would be fun to recreate root tea, and after some experimentation with numerous ingredients, Root was born. Root is distilled from the following ingredients: birch bark, smoked black tea, sugarcane, essence of sassafras, orange and lemon peel, allspice, anise, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg. The flavor is intense, and most people would probably categorize it as medicinal. A licorice flavor is quite prominent, and LimpD said it reminded him of a Smith Brothers Black Licorice Cough Drop. I am a bit of a licorice addict, so I really enjoy the taste of Root (you should see me work through a one pound bag of Good ‘N’ Plenty!).

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The folks at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction sure do love them some alchemical Americana. Hot on the heels of AITA’s wildly successful ROOT concoction comes SNAP, a distilled spirit based on the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for lebkuchen, or ginger snap. SNAP distinguishes itself from other ginger-flavored booze brands on the market by using fresh ginger and sweetening the 80-proof stuff with real blackstrap molasses, and rounding out the earthy, warm flavor with clove, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and rooibos tea.

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Philadelphia Weekly Style hypes Jessica Hische's Illustrative Initials at AITA

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What To Do This Weekend

Good morning everyone!

Tonight, Art in the Age is hosting the opening reception for Jessica Hische’s Illustrative Initials from 5-7pm. The exhibit also includes letters from her popular project, Daily Drop Cap. Check out a video here explaining why Jessica loves lettering, and then go out and immediately rent Helvetica.

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