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Philadelphia City Paper Features AITA Blog

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CURATOR: Flexing Our Mussels

I could bitch about politics all day, but luckily there’s some good news on Art in the Age’s blog to distract me. We as a country have been polluting our waters over the years, killing off valuable members to our rivers’ ecosystems.  The good news is that the Delaware River is actually bucking this trend.  The alewife floater and tidewater mucket, two of the seven species of mussels found in the Delaware River, are alive and well.  See, mussels are important because they act as water filters, gobbling up bacteria and other stuff that would likely leave you on the toilet if you came in contact with it. Because of the declining quality of America’s waters, mussel populations have been falling rapidly. Don’t get ahead of yourself, though, clean and cleaner are two very different words. Taking a big gulp of ship yard water still probably isn’t a good idea

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The Feast Features AITA Snow Globe Making

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Make Your Own Snow Globe

This Thursday (6-8 p.m.), book two hours to learn how to make your own snow globe with Art in the Age's Nicole Hutnyk. The boutique will supply what you need to make your own holiday-themed globe, but you're welcome to bring your own figurines or what-have-you to create something a bit more personalized.

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Don't Just Make a Gingerbread House, Create a Masterpiece with the Reverend
Joe Petrucci Tuesday, December 07, 2010

If you should happen to be curious enough to ask Reverend Michael Alan what it is he does, be prepared to spend a good five or 10 minutes talking about it. He's an accomplished graphic designer who has helped brand some of the city's most impressive new products (think adult beverages Root and Snap), an artist who's a card-carrying member of the Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators, and resident baker/culinary contributor at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (AITA) in Old City. And yes, he is an ordained man of the cloth, having legally presided over the marriage of two friends a few years back..

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      Emailed on: Monday December 6, 2010
      Handmade Ornaments
      Available at Art Star Gallery & Boutique: 623 N 2nd St; Northern Liberties; 215.238.1557

      Get tree-crazy Mom something from this wide-ranging selection of hand-crafted ornaments, like a painted glass owl, a sewn-and-stuffed mouse, or stencil prints on wooden blocks, including a cute...  Read more

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Nose Candy
Curious New Candles Land On Our Radar

December 4, 2010  5:28 pm

The indie candle label Land by Land is something of a mystery. The brand barely has a Web site and doesn’t chase press, but its exquisite scents were enough to send us on something of recon mission to track down as much info as possible. Here’s what we found out: At the beginning of 2009, Japanese-born, New York-based friends Kanoko Mizuo and Tomoyo Kamio started collaborating on a private hair salon, a small atelier they decided to fill with things they liked.

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Trackosaurusrex Features AITA Store

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Art in the Age: Bilenky Bicycle Works!
Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 12:05 PM
Posted by Administrator

Art In The Age Presents... Bilenky Cycle Works, Artistry in Steel from Art In The Age on Vimeo.

Did anyone make to this show?

Art In The Age Presents... Bilenky Bicycle Works from Art In The Age on Vimeo.

Art In The Age Presents... Fillet-Brazing with Steve Bilenky from Art In The Age on Vimeo.

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