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Laurel on Health Food Blog Features Mavea

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Mavea Water Pitcher Giveaway

Everyone I know says they need to drink more water. It’s something we know we should do but often forget to do it enough. Drinking plenty of water gives you energy, makes your skin look great, and promotes healthy sexual function, among many other benefits.

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Giveaway - Mavea Elemaris Water Filtration Pitcher

We are hosting our first giveaway on our blog! How exciting and great! The good people of Mavea gave me and Chris each a Mavea Elemaris (5 glass) pitcher of our own to try out before we offer it to you. I got the black one, as pictured below, and Chris has an eggplant one! (Retail value approx $30 each)

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Appetite For Health Hypes MAVEA

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Win the Sexiest Water Filtration Pitcher in Town!

I bet you never expected to hear "sexy" and "water filtration pitcher" in the same sentence. But that's just what we're giving away now! That's right, the wonderful people at Mavea have offered to give 3 readers an Elemaris XL water filtration pitcher. Not excited yet? Well listen to this:

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A Southern Grace Blog Features Mavea

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fluid retention (and a giveaway!)

Gasp--I've never made a drink for this blog! I do consume liquids, I promise.

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FitSugar Features Mavea

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Clean H20 With Eye-Catching Water Filters
Embracing Spring by adding some fresh fun colors into your everyday routine doesn't only apply to your workout wear, you can also extend it to your kitchen accessories! I just upgraded my standard white water filter to a bright royal blue pitcher, and I love the change — a little color goes a long way! Here are some stylish, high-rated water filters worth paying attention to.

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Rah Raw! Hypes MAVEA

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Quench Your Thirst

This post was meant to be uploaded last night…in keeping with my “Thrifty Thursdays”, but things did go as planned obviously.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of WATER for a Thrifty Thursday before!  Well, besides the fact that we’d be dead without it, water is soooo important for everyone and it’s very thrifty!

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